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Spill Station Australia Pty Ltd

Phone: 02 9725 5640
Fax: 02 9757 4249
1 Blackfriar Place , Wetherill Park NSW 2164 (Directions)


Quickbund portable bunding system

Constructed from X-R5, a highly chemical-resistant material, the Quickbund portable bunding system has a variety of applications from mining exploration to mobile generators and bulk liquid transfer. The fold-down wall makes access for trucks, forklifts and pallet jacks easy.

Spill Station self-contained emergency tank showers

Spill Station’s self-contained emergency tank showers provide a solution where mains water supply is not available.

Spill Station stormwater drain seal 1100 x 1100 mm

The 1100 x 1100 mm drain seal is designed to allow a single person to be able to respond to a spill and protect critical stormwater drains.

Spill Station flat drain guard

The Spill Station flat drain guard sits underneath stormwater grates commonly used in car parks and loading dock aprons to remove sediment and up to 98% of hydrocarbons that flow through the grate.

Spill Station stormwater drain seal 810 x 950 mm

After personal safety, the first priority when responding to a spill is to keep it on-site. The Spill Station 810 x 950 mm drain seal is designed to allow one person to be able to protect critical stormwater drains.

Hughes emergency safety showers and eyebath/facewash units

The Hughes emergency safety showers and eyebath/facewash units are used in industry and laboratories to wash off contamination in the event of a chemical spillage.

Spill Station emergency pre-insulated tank shower

Spill Station’s emergency pre-insulated tank shower incorporates a 1200 L tank to deliver a guaranteed flow of warm water for up to 15 min even when the mains supply has been disrupted.

Spill Station Hughes Safety Shower range

The Hughes Safety Shower range of emergency safety showers and eyewash units is designed to operate in a wide variety of environments, from extreme heat to extreme cold.

Spill Station Australia TSS660EA Hazchem spill kit

The TSS660EA Hazchem spill kit is sufficiently large to enable fast coverage for large chemical or hazmat spills.

Dangerous goods stores

The Relocatable Outdoor DG Stores range of relocatable bulk dangerous goods stores presents a solution to the problem of compliant storage of large quantities of dangerous goods.

Spill response kits

The Dangerous Goods Spill Response Kit is an important element of any emergency response plan and a vital element in complying with environmental duty of care.

Workshop spill kit

The TSSWKS spill kit is designed to handle spills of oils, fuels, solvents, coolant and general chemicals typically used in workshops.

General-purpose absorbent

Sukerup organic absorbent is 100% organic and contains no chemical residues. It is made from ground coconut husk milled to a particle size that allows maximum absorption.

Drive-over bunding

Bunding areas that require vehicle access has always proven an expensive and time consuming exercise.

Acid/alkali absorbents

Spill Station acid and alkali neutralising absorbents are formulated to absorb a spill and bring common acid spills into the 'safe zone'. It is an easy flowing powder that renders the spill safe for handling and ensures a rapid clean-up.

Conversion kit for trolley

The all-terrain conversion kit for the Poly-Dolly drum handling/decanting trolley comes with 10" pneumatic wheels, sealed bearings and milled polyurethane bushes.

Spill cover

Spill Station has a PVC cover for spill pallets that prevents the bunded pallet filling with rainwater and allows for safe outside storage where space is at a premium.



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