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Matthews Safety Products absorbent mats

New Pig’s range of absorbent mats perform across a wide range of liquids and applications to help clean up easily and economically.

Matthews Safety Products PIGR Drive-Over Drainblocker

The PIGR Drive-Over Drainblocker cover is suitable for semipermanent drain protection where liquid transfers, washdowns or other spill-prone jobs are common.

Matthews PIG Grippy mat

The PIG Grippy mat, with specially formulated Grippy adhesive backing, soaks up oils, water, grease, gasoline, solvents, auto fluids, paint overspray, battery acid and most other liquids.

New Pig universal spill kits

The universal spill kits from New Pig contain the PIGR absorbents and other products needed to respond to a large spill of oils, coolants, solvents or water - all in one container. This kit helps users to contain and clean up a spill and can even be used to dispose of the waste.

New Pig Form-A-Funnel tool

The Form-A-Funnel tool from New Pig can be used for safe and easy liquid handling. It bends, moulds and holds its shape to create leak-proof channels so that liquids can be drained, diverted or transferred drip free.

Matthews Safety Form-A-Funnel

Form-A-Funnel is a versatile tool that bends, moulds and holds its shape to create leak-proof channels to catch and divert hard-to-drain liquids directly into a container, preventing drips on equipment and floors and avoiding the risk of slips and falls.

New Pig spill kits

The New Pig kit range includes the Universal Kits, Haz-Mat Kits and the Oil-Only Kits. The kits have no loose absorbents and are constructed to deploy products as they are required for emergency spill response. Kits also have additional mats on top for small incidental spills, so the user will not need to empty the whole kit or reach to the bottom to find products for absorbing small spills.



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