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Fortress Systems Pty Ltd

Fortress Systems design, manufacture and market safeguarding solutions to protect people and equipment. We also manufacture a range of superior quality resistor products.

Phone: 03 9587 4099
Fax: 03 9587 4130
324 Governor Road , Braeside VIC 3195 (Directions)


Fortress Interlocks amGard Pro safety gate switch interlocks

Fortress Interlocks has developed its range of heavy-duty, safety gate switch interlocks to create amGard Pro.

Fortress Pneumatic Valve+ (PV+)

The Pneumatic Valve+ (PV+) unit’s modular design allows the configuration of an array of valves, trapped key interlocks and key switches in any combination.

Fortress Interlocks CPS4STOPXP safety switch key station

The Fortress Interlocks CPS4STOPXP is an ATEX-certified, explosion-protected safety switch key station. It is designed to release keys which can be used to control mechanical door locks that provide access to machinery and process lines operating in potentially explosive environments.

ABB Breaker Lock added to Fortress switchgear interlocks

The ABB Breaker Lock has been added to the existing Fortress range of switchgear interlocks and forms an essential part of a sequential interlocking system that ensures the safe operation of electrical switchgear.

Fortress amGard key switch Option Pod

An Option Pod with a key switch has been introduced to the amGard range of modular safety gate switches.

Internal safety release

The Internal Release (IR) adapter for the Fortress Interlocks amGard range of modular safety gate switches provides an internal release function for safety and access key installations.

Upgraded safety locks

The H31 safety lock mechanism has been replaced with the upgraded mGard CL disc tumbler lock.

Emergency stop button

The E-stop modular emergency stop button has been introduced into the eGard range of access and control products.

Interlock dust covers

Fortress has introduced Dustcovers for use with its mGard range of industrial safety interlocks. The covers are available as standard or padlock-able and fit over the lock, preventing build-up of dust and debris that could impede internal lock functioning.

Vehicle security devices

The Salvo range of driveaway-prevention products now includes a plug-and-play control panel. The PCB-based, programmable device is multi-voltage and able to power external traffic lights and beacons, simplifying the installation process.

Anti-tamper lock

By ensuring valves and actuators are only operated by authorised individuals, the Anti-Tamper Lock (ATL) from Smith Flow Control secures companies' assets by reducing the risk of human error or deliberate tampering.

Switchgear interlocking

Originally used in high voltage applications, mechanical interlocks have been adapted for use on medium and low voltage switchgear.

Remote valve operation

Fortress Systems and Smith Flow Control have announced the Flexi-Drive, a device for the remote operation of valves in hard to reach or hazardous locations.

Safety locks

The latest design of safety interlock has all moving parts and a key constructed from stainless steel. The CL lock is a robust product that can be used in conjunction with Fortress' entire range of mechanical and electromechanical safety interlocks.



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