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Emerson PACSafe Integrated Safety Controller

The PACSafe Configurable Safety Controllers facilitate integrated Category 4, Performance Level e, SIL3 machine safety applications in the manufacturing industry.

Novaris IS range of surge and lightning protection

The Novaris IS range of surge and lightning protection products is designed specifically for hazardous areas.

ABB F200 B Residual Current Devices (RCCBs)

ABB's F200 B Residual Current Devices (RCCBs) assist in detecting different waveforms of residual fault currents and operate when the electrical system has a high leakage current to ground.

Satech AS4024-compliant modular safety fencing

Satech offers a perimeter guarding solution that adheres to AS4024 and meets the required international standards for correct implementation of a fixed or removable safety guard.

Red Lion Graphite HMIs with ABS approval for maritime applications

The Red Lion Graphite Human Machine Interface (HMI) operator panels have been tested to meet ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) standards, which assures equipment is safe for operation in a manner that protects life, property and the marine environment when used in shipboard and offshore settings.

Schmersal PROTECT SRB-E series safety controllers

Schmersal has released the PROTECT SRB-E series of safety controllers that offer multifunctional, configurable safety protection for industrial machinery.

Schmersal AZM 400 bolt locking safety interlock

Schmersal has added the AZM 400 safety interlock to its line-up of guard locking devices, specifically designed for applications where large, heavy doors with high manual forces are present or in applications where motor-driven doors are used.

Red Lion E3 I/O module platform

Red Lion has launched the E3 I/O module platform, a high-density I/O system with hardened metal enclosures and powerful communication options for industrial applications.

Red Lion Sixnet RAM series 4G LTE Data Logger

Red Lion has updated the Sixnet RAM series of cellular 3G/4G LTE RTUs, with data logging ability that includes support for SD card storage, which is suitable for industries such as oil and gas, utilities and mining.

Schmersal ZQ900 series emergency pull-wire switches

The Schmersal ZQ900 series of pull-wire switches offers robust emergency stop solutions for use along the length of conveyors or similar types of installations.

Jay Electronique Safir radio remote control range with IECEx

The Safir range of radio remote controls from Jay Electronique has gained IECEx approvals on the Moka handheld control and the Alto transceiver. This now allows the range to be used in potentially explosive gas atmospheres classified zone 0, 1, 2, or dust classified zones 20, 21, 22.

Panasonic EX-Z Thru-beam Ultra-miniature photoelectric sensors

The Panasonic EX-Z Thru-beam Ultra-miniature photoelectric sensors range is small enough to consider using in applications where previously fibre-optic sensors were the only option.

Pfannenberg PYRA-MA flashing sounder

The Pfannenberg PYRA-MA is a flashing sounder with a pyramid shape, suitable for machine start-ups or fire and gas alerts.

Panasonic HG-C1000 series Micro Laser Distance Sensors

Panasonic has added two measurement ranges for its HG-C1000 series Micro Laser Distance Sensors, providing options for measurement centres of 30, 50, 100, 200 and 400 mm.

Schmersal N-Series hygienic IP69K operator devices

Schmersal's N-Series range of signalling devices has been designed and tested specifically for hygiene sensitive environments.

Pfannenberg BR50 range of signal tower lights

The Pfannenberg BR50 signal tower lights range has a flexible modular design with a sturdy housing for indoor and outdoor applications.

Panasonic SF-C21 Configurable Safety Controller

The Panasonic SF-C21 Configurable Safety Controller is a safety control unit that can do the work of up to four safety relay units.

Pfannenberg PATROL Flashing Sounders

The Pfannenberg Patrol range of combination sounders and flashing lights is suitable for any alarming application or environment, including signalling needs such as machine pre-start or fire evacuation alarms.

Red Lion Watchdog Relay

Red Lion has released the Watchdog Relay, designed to monitor and provide a fail-safe shutdown of processes controlled by RTUs, PLCs and other automation devices.

Sixnet Industrial RTUs

Sixnet rugged RTUs provide a simple, yet powerful means to reliably monitor and control remote sites around the clock in harsh environments.

Control Logic P+B Motor Arc Protection Relay (MAP)

The P+B Motor Arc Protection Relay (MAP) from Control Logic is a sophisticated digital signal processor-based, phase-sensitive, short-circuit/overcurrent and series arc detecting protection relay.

Schmersal Universal BDF200 push-button panel

The Schmersal Universal BDF200 Control Panel offers good flexibility with colour combinations for mushroom buttons, push-buttons and illuminated push-buttons.

Panasonic HG-C series micro laser distance sensors

Panasonic has released a range of micro laser distance sensors with built-in amplifier.

Schmersal SLC/SLG445 safety light curtains and light grids

The SLC/SLG 445 series of safety light curtains and safety light grids are multifunctional devices. The functional diversity allows the individual application requirements to be more flexible, with the aim of achieving high productivity and safety.

JAY Electronique Jump radio repeater for safe radio control

The Jump radio repeater is designed for use with the JAY Electronique safe radio control solutions implementing unidirectional radio transmissions. The device provides a solution for applications in difficult environments where obstacles, troughs and bumps interrupt radio transmissions or in situations where radio performance must be extended to cover a greater distance or greater area.

Jay Electronique Safir radio remote control range

The Safir range of radio remote controls, from Jay Electronique, consists of two families of handheld controls and two Bellybox families, all of which can be configured to offer varying combinations of buttons, switches or joysticks to meet user application needs.

PULS CPS20 series DIN rail-mount power supply

The PULS CPS20 series 480 W 1-phase DIN rail-mount power supplies from Control Logic have a width of 65 mm and are available in 12, 24, 36 and 48 V versions.

Schmersal RSS 36 safety sensor

Suited to the packaging and food processing industries, the Schmersal RSS 36 safety sensor with enhanced RFID technology can provide reliable non-contact sensing of machine guards.

Schmersal Tesk safety hinge switches

Suitable for the position monitoring of protection doors on design-oriented machines, the Tesk series is the fourth generation of Schmersal safety hinge switches.

Schmersal RSS260 safety sensors with RFID technology

The RSS260 safety sensor combines the detection principle of RFID technology and a high switching distance in a compact design.

Schmersal AZ300 mechatronic safety switch

The Schmersal AZ300 mechatronic safety switch features an RFID-based electronic safety sensor and an IP69K rating.

Schmersal SLC440COM series safety light curtains and SLG440COM series safety light grids

Providing protection of hazardous areas, the compact Schmersal SLC440COM series safety light curtains and SLG440COM series safety light grids incorporate highly visible status signalling in a rugged housing.

Jay Electronique SAFIR Radio Remote Control Range

The Safir range of radio remote controls, from Jay Electronique, consists of two families of handheld controls, Beta and Gama, and two Bellybox families, Pika and Moka.


Control Logic partners with CSE Uniserve

Control Logic has announced it has been appointed a channel partner in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia for industrial equipment supplier CSE Uniserve.

Control Logic to distribute GE Automation & Controls in WA

Control Logic has announced its distribution network of GE Automation & Controls products and services has expanded to include Western Australia.

STAHL appoints Control Logic as Australian distributor

Control Logic has announced it will be the exclusive distributor for STAHL, a leading supplier of systems, products and services for explosion protection, in NSW, Qld, SA and NT.



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