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3M Safety & Graphics

3M is passionate about protecting the health and safety of workers and the community in all types of industries and workforce environments enabling them to return home to their families safely at the end of each work day. With decades of research and technological advances behind us, 3M delivers innovative safety solutions designed to help keep workers safe, comfortable and productive on the job.

Our Safety & Graphics Business Portfolio delivers:

  • Commercial Solutions - Enabling our customers (in hospitality, retail, food service, transportation and banking) to deliver better brand experiences.
  • Personal Safety – A range of solutions that Advance Safety, Enhance Productivity and Improve Lives.
  • Transportation Safety - Improving transportation safety to help bring families home safely

At 3M, we innovate with purpose and use science every day to shape the future of safety and the wellbeing of workers, communities and our customers. Our commitment drives us to continue to innovate across technologies, disciplines, and industries to help keep workers safe and protected to deliver our mission of: “Helping workers return home safely and live healthier lives”.

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Building A, 1 Rivett Road , North Ryde NSW 2113 (Directions)


3M SecureFit 200 and 400 Series protective eyewear

The 3M SecureFit 200 and 400 Series of protective eyewear features pressure diffusion temple technology for a comfortable fit over an extended length of time.

3M E-A-R Flexible Fit Earplugs

The 3M E-A-R Flexible Fit Earplugs are designed to reduce exposure to hazardous levels of noise and loud sounds, and are available in corded and uncorded form.

3M Secure Click Half Mask Reusable Respirator

3M's Secure Click Half Mask Reusable Respirator helps protect workers from a variety of gases and vapours when used with approved associated filters and cartridges.

3M Fall Protection Self-Rescue Device

The 3M DBI-SALA Self-Rescue device is designed to help workers implement a simple, fast and effective rescue plan in the event of a fall from height.

3M Scotchlite 5410 Diamond Mesh Trim reflective material for workwear

3M Scotchlite 5410 Diamond Mesh Trim reflective material for workwear is designed to ensure comfort, compliance and visibility.

3M E-A-Rfit Dual-Ear Validation System

The E-A-Rfit Dual-Ear Validation System is based on field microphone-in-real ear technology, a quantitative and fully objective method to test the actual protection workers receive from their hearing protectors.

3M Solus 1000 and Goggle Gear 500 Splash goggle safety eyewear

The 3M Solus 1000 and Goggle Gear 500 Splash goggle safety eyewear models are designed to help keep workers seeing more clearly and for longer on the job.

3M 6500 Series Rugged Comfort half facepiece reusable respirator

3M has expanded its family of respirators to include the 3M 6500 Series Rugged Comfort half facepiece reusable respirator.

3M Aura Disposable Respirators 9300A+ Series

The 3M Aura Particulate 9300A+ Series disposable respirator provides effective respiratory protection.

3M Peltor WorkTunes Pro headset

The 3M Peltor WorkTunes Pro headset provides hearing protection and all-day comfort combined with high audio quality entertainment.

3M respiratory kit

The 3M respiratory kit is designed for asbestos removal and environments containing dust. The kit comes complete with the half-face, re-usable 7500 Series respirator for comfort and durability.

3M Organic Vapour Service Life Indicator Cartridges 6051i

3M Organic Vapour Service Life Indicator Cartridges 6051i are AS/NZS approved for protection against certain organic vapours and can help give users added confidence in determining when to replace their cartridges.

3M full (6800 series) and half-face (7500 series) respirators

The low-maintenance 3M full (6800 series) and half-face (7500 series) respirators are simple to use and feature a soft silicone face seal for comfort and durability.

3M Peltor LiteCom Pro II 2-Way Radio Headset

3M's Peltor LiteCom Pro II 2-Way Radio Headset makes it easy to communicate in high-noise environments while helping to protect workers from hazardous sounds.

3M asbestos/dust respiratory kit

3M has a convenient respiratory kit designed for asbestos removal and environments containing dust.

3M Aura particulate respirator 9422+

3M has developed the Aura particulate respirator 9422+ for the food and beverage industry.

3M respirator kits for asbestos fibres and dust protection

With its four new kits, 3M provides a convenient respiratory solution for tasks involving asbestos.

3M Peltor X series earmuff

The 3M Peltor X series earmuffs use good attenuation techniques.

3M SecureFit protective eyewear

The 3M SecureFit protective eyewear features Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology, which has been designed by 3M to provide noticeably higher levels of personal comfort and security of fit.

3M VFlex disposable respirators

3M's VFlex respirators feature v-shaped pleats that expand to provide a spacious feel and flex with mouth movement when communicating. The tabs on the side are designed as handles to aid in easy positioning of the respirator on the face to achieve a secure fit.

3M Peltor WS XP headset with Bluetooth wireless technology

The 3M Peltor WS headset XP features Bluetooth wireless technology, enabling users to work hands-free while taking calls.

3M Peltor Lumberjack System

3M’s Peltor Lumberjack System combines head, face and hearing protection and is specifically created for the logging and gardening industries.

3M 9923V intrinsically safe respirator

The 3M 9923V - a disposable specialty respirator with P2-rated filtration - provides protection from hazards such as coal dust, diesel particulate matter, other dusts, mists and fumes.

3M Eyewear Fit System

Improperly fitted or incorrectly worn safety eyewear may not provide sufficient protection and may increase the chance of eye injury. To address this issue, 3M has developed a fit testing system for eyewear. The 3M Eyewear Fit System is a tool used to compare different styles of eyewear worn by an individual to determine which one best fits the person.

3M Virtua AP Protective Eyewear

3M’s Virtua AP Protective Eyewear offers sleek unisex styling, lightweight comfort and good value. The product is designed with high-wrap polycarbonate lenses and integral side shields to provide a comfortable fit and high protection.

3M Fectoggle Gogglegear compact dust goggles

3M’s Fectoggle Gogglegear is a lightweight, wide and comfortable dust goggle. The stylish goggles sit close to the wearer’s face with a soft foam cushion to prevent dust from contacting the eyes.

3M Privo safety glasses

3M’s Privo range of eyewear combines style, protection and comfort. The lightweight glasses feature soft temple tips and fit close to the wearer’s face.

3M Headgear G500

3M has launched an extensive range of face and hearing protection combinations for industrial and forestry workers, including the 3M Headgear G500.

3M 2700 Series safety glasses

Providing cost-effective protection and comfort, the 3M 2700 Series safety glasses are lightweight and offer the wearer high levels of comfort together with reliable protection.

3M E-A-R Swerve high-attenuation banded earplugs

The E-A-R Swerve high-attenuation banded earplugs feature a contoured design that floats around the neck, limiting contact with collars and helmets/hats, and the durable lightweight band rebounds well for frequent on and off wearing.

Peltor Lite-Com III communication system

The Peltor Lite-Com III communication system delivers high noise attenuation and, with a radio built into the shell, it also provides effective and effortless short-range two-way communication.

Speedglas 100 welding shield

The Speedglas 100 welding shield delivers protection, comfort and performance, and has distinctive graphic designs. Welders can benefit from good optical quality and reliable light-to-dark switching at an affordable price.

3M 4540+ disposable protective coverall with laminated microporous material

3M’s 4540+ protective coverall uses microporous material and as such, is soft and light, but maintains CE Type 5 and 6 protection.

3M 4515 disposable protective coverall with hazardous dust protection

3M’s 4515 protective coverall is made from a breathable material and is suitable for a wide range of applications, particularly hazardous dust (eg, asbestos).

3M 4565 disposable protective coverall with chemical and dust protection

3M’s 4565 protective coverall provides good chemical and dust protection. As well as having taped seams, it uses a material designed to be softer and 20% lighter than previous PE laminate materials but with a heightened level of chemical protection.

3M 4500 disposable protective coverall

3M’s 4500 protective coverall is a general-purpose coverall designed for light protection against non-hazardous liquids and dusts. It is strong and comfortable and is suitable for use in warehouses, general manufacturing, DIY, packaging or cleaning.

3M Reusable Respirator Catalogue

3M’s Reusable Respirator Catalogue is now available.

3M 4530+ disposable protective coverall for alcohol and oil-based protection

3M’s 4530+ Protective Coverall is made from a combination of breathable non-woven fabrics and specialist treatments including antistatic and a new alcohol and oil repellency, resulting in a higher level of protection, greater comfort and suitability for a wide range of applications.

3M 4570 disposable protective coverall for chemical protection

3M’s 4570 protective coverall uses an advanced film technology to provide Type 3 levels of protection in both chemical holdout and mechanical strength.

3M 4535 disposable protective coverall for radioactive/nuclear protection

3M’s 4530+ protective coverall combines the chemical barrier and ultralow-linting properties of the white laminated material on the front with the breathability of the blue comfort panel material running down the back.

3M 4510 disposable protective coveralls

3M’s 4510 Protective Coverall is constructed of high-quality laminated microporous material and is designed to provide protection against hazardous dusts and light liquid chemical splashes.

3M 4520 disposable protective coveralls

3M’s 4520 Coverall is made from a highly breathable and lightweight five-layered protective material, with CE Category III, Type 5/6 standard protection against dust and liquid splashes with an added antistatic treatment.

3M 9542A particulate respirator with P2-rated filter

3M has released its 9542A particulate respirator with P2-rated filter to its range of disposable respirators.

3M half-face respirator kit range

3M has replaced its previous three respirator kits with a range of six half-face respirator kits.

3M Fahrenheit safety goggles range

The Fahrenheit safety goggles have a slim design with polycarbonate or acetate lens options. Available in both splash and dust versions, its soft PVC frame is designed to fit prescription frames, dust masks or half-mask respirators.

3M BX safety glasses range

The 3M BX safety glasses range provides adjustability with comfort. They have a modern design and suitable protection against flying particles.

3M Lexa Gogglegear splash and dust goggles range

With its range of Lexa Gogglegear, 3M provides lightweight, wide and comfortable splash and dust goggles. Both types are suitable for general industrial and construction use.

3M Scotchlite reflective material

3M Scotchlite reflective material helps protect workers with retroreflective technology.

3M Versaflo respirator systems

The Versaflo Respirator Systems from 3M are designed to protect workers in a wide range of industries and applications, helping them work comfortably for long periods. The product range has three modules - an air delivery unit, a headtop and a breathing tube - that can be combined into dozens of configurations to deal with changing environments, hazards and comfort preferences.

3M E-A-R One-Touch dispenser

The 3M E-A-R One-Touch dispenser provides a convenient way to store and dispense earplugs in the workplace. The dispenser is designed to hold a variety of E-A-R plugs.

3M Peltor Pro-Tac II stereo earmuffs

The level-dependent function in 3M’s Peltor Pro-Tac II stereo earmuffs allows users to hear ambient sound: conversation, machine sounds and warning signals. This means they are not shut off from the environment, which would be both dangerous and inconvenient.

3M Reusable Respiratory Protection Guide

3M has published a Reusable Respiratory Protection Guide that provides users with a better understanding of the cartridges and filters they use with their 3M re-usable respirator(s).

3M Half Face Organic Vapour Respirator 4000 Series

The 4000 Series Respirators are ready-to-use, maintenance-free half-masks designed for effective and comfortable protection against a combination of many gases, vapours and particulate hazards found throughout industry.

3M Peltor SportTac electronic earmuffs

Electronic earmuffs for shooting and hunting are part of 3M’s Peltor range. Designed for hunting and sports shooting, Peltor SportTac earmuffs offer a smooth, level-dependent function that eliminates abrupt sound cutoff.

3M Peltor H9A-02 Food Industry Earmuff

The hygienic 3M Peltor H9A-02 Food Industry Earmuff can be used for workers in the food industry who often move between areas with considerable temperature differences. It provides attenuation and comfort, along with features for noisy food processing environments (SLC80 26 DB Class 5).

3M Select and Service Life Software software

3M’s Select and Service Life Software software is available for complimentary download on its website. The software can be used to assist in the selection of respirators as well as determining their service requirements.

3M Peltor H505B Welding Helmet Earmuff

The 3M Peltor H505B Welding Helmet Earmuff is designed to be used with welding helmets, in particular the company’s Speedglas 9100. The earmuffs provide moderate level attenuation that meets the needs of most welding industry applications.

3M’s Peltor Hearplugs listen-only earpieces

3M’s Peltor Hearplugs listen-only earpieces are designed for two-way radio users who, in addition to requiring hearing protection, must have clear reception while working in high-noise areas. Compact, versatile and easy to use, this communications headset plugs into most lapel microphones with an audio accessory and jack.

3M 9300 series respirator

The three-panel design and ultrasoft inner cover web allows the 3M 9300 series respirator to comfortably mould to the face and accommodate facial movements without compromising the fit.

3M E-A-Rsoft Neon Blast earplugs

3M has added the E-A-Rsoft Neon Blast earplugs to its E-A-R brand range.

3M Speedglas 9100FX Series Welding Helmet

The 3M Speedglas 9100FX series of welding shields includes the 9100 FX (flip-up) welding shield and the 9100 FX Air Adflo PAPR (flip-up/respiratory) welding shield.

3M Photochromic safety glasses

The lenses of 3M’s Photochromic safety glasses are UV reactive so they respond to the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light received - lightening or darkening as needed.

3M’s Peltor Ora Tac in-ear communication system

3M’s Peltor Ora Tac in-ear communication system offers a combination of lightweight hearing protection, ambient (tactical) listening and the ability to communicate via two-way radios in high-noise areas, without the need for a boom microphone.

3M launches new website

3M’s Occupational Health & Environmental Safety Division has launched its new Australian website  The site’s online product catalogue enables visitors to quickly find information on disposable and re-usable respirators, earplugs and earmuffs, protective coveralls, welding helmets and communication headsets and more.

3M SD-200 sound level meter

The 3M sound detector SD-200 is a compact, lightweight sound level meter designed for accurate measurement of workplace noise levels. Its design enables users to measure sound levels and determine the degree of hearing protection that may be required. Its advanced integration feature computes the average sound pressure level.

3M Australia Peltor blue line headsets

Peltor blue line headsets ensure the available electrical and thermal energy is low so that ignition of hazardous atmospheres cannot occur. The products are identified by the distinct blue colour. The range is approved under the IECEx scheme and offers high-attenuating (Class 5) protection.

3M Versaflow M-series face shields and helmets

Versaflo M-series headtops feature lightweight, compact and well-balanced high-impact face shields and helmets that offer integrated protection from a range of respiratory, head, eye and hearing hazards.

3M Pistonz Earplugs

3M has expanded its passive hearing conservation product line with the Pistonz Earplugs which offer a radical new shape to foam insert earplugs.

3M and Control Vend PPE storage and distribution system

Control Vend has partnered with 3M to provide a solution for storing and distributing PPE to the industrial, manufacturing and mining facilities.

3M E-A-Rfit validation system

The E-A-Rfit validation system provides an objective, personalised attenuation rating (PAR) for each worker.

3M 8300 series disposable respirators

The 3M 8300 series disposable respirators have a soft cushioned inner lining that provides comfort, with a robust outer shell that offers added durability.

3M Light Vision II safety glasses

The 3M Light Vision II safety glasses have lights mounted on each temple to provide hands-free task lighting. The LED system provides ultra-bright beams that swivel and adjust for directional convenience.

3M Versaflo S-series soft headcovers and hoods

The 3M Versaflo S-series soft headcovers and hoods for powered and supplied air respirators is a further development of the company’s lightweight, loose-fitting headtops used in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals, paint spraying, food and beverage, and other process industries.

3M N1-100 noise indicator

The 3M N1-100 noise indicator alerts users to potentially dangerous noise levels, helping identify areas where hearing protection may need to be worn. Users simply clip the noise indicator to a shirt or jacket and the LED delivers a clear indication (red or green flashing LED) when noise levels exceed a potentially hazardous threshold.

Qualitative fit test apparatus

The 3M Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus FT-10 and F-30 are designed for fit testing disposable and half-face respirators fitted with particulate or combination gas/vapour and particulate filters.

Reusable pre-moulded earplugs

The E-A-R UltraFit 27 reusable earplug features a pistol grip with angled shape which is designed to give wearers improved fingertip control, to make holding and inserting the plug to attain an optimum fit easier.

Ear plug dispenser

The refillable 3M Ear Plug Dispenser has been designed for use with 3M disposable earplugs, in place of single-use jars, bottles or disposable dispensers.

Formaldehyde monitor

3M has available the 3721 formaldehyde monitor that is designed for measuring exposure to formaldehyde in the chemical, particle board, pulp and paper, foundry and textile industries. The monitor meets OSHA accuracy requirements of ±25% for 8 hour TWA sampling; not for 15 minute STEL sampling.


3M Hearing Pledge aims to silence world's most common sensory disability

To help people avoid noise-induced hearing loss, 3M has launched a social campaign called the 'Hearing Pledge', which aims to educate people on how to detect and help protect them from hazardous noise.

Report outlines global PPE trends

As health and safety professionals feel increased pressure to manage company costs without compromising worker safety, a new report from 3M outlines best practices to achieve these goals.



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