Metering antenna mounting brackets are electrical hazards

Thursday, 13 December, 2007

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) has issued a warning to any tradesmen working near metering antenna mounting brackets.

ESV is investigating an incident in which a licensed electrician received an electric shock while working near electrical metering communications equipment.

The electrician received the shock while installing cables in a metallic duct located next to an electrical wiring panel.

He made simultaneous contact with the metallic duct and a 'live' metallic antenna mounting bracket associated with the metering communication equipment.

The antenna mounting bracket was fixed to the meter panel with two 23 mm self-tapping metal screws. The screws protruded through to the front and rear of the panel and penetrated into the single insulation cables within the metering enclosure, passing an electrical charge to the metal bracket.

This method of installation is contrary to the fundamental safety requirements of AS/NZS 3000:2000, in that insulated screws should have fastened the bracket.

ESV warns that any metallic antenna mounting bracket fixed with metal screws should be considered 'live' and estimates there are more than 5000 sites across Victoria with similar installations.

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