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Safety Mate NXG GreenTek gloves

01 June, 2024

The Safety Mate NXG GreenTek range of gloves is designed to help the environment without compromising performance.

uvex Bamboo TwinFlex D xg 18-gauge cut protection glove

23 November, 2023

The uvex Bamboo TwinFlex D xg is an 18-gauge cut protection glove (Cut Level D).

Graphex Precision LQR safety gloves

14 November, 2023

The development of the Graphex Precision LQR (liquid-resistant) gloves was prompted by a demand within the plumbing, mining and construction industries for a glove that provides an effective liquid barrier while maintaining optimal grip and dexterity.

Reducing the rate of occupational dermatitis

20 July, 2023

Inflammation of the skin from exposure to allergenic or irritating substances — or occupational dermatitis — is considered a WHS risk.

Graphex Rogue safety glove

01 May, 2023

The Graphex Rogue safety glove is suitable for the mining, trade and construction industries, and features Graphex 18-gauge yarn for cut resistance and dexterity.

DU'IT Tough Hands hand cream and moisturiser

23 March, 2023

The DU'IT Tough Hands hand cream and moisturiser is designed to help soothe chronically dry, rough, cracked, irritated and calloused hands.

Graphex Infinity safety glove

01 March, 2023

The Graphex Infinity safety glove features a hexagonal carbon structure for cut resistance and dexterity for those in the electrical, mining and construction industries.

Hand injuries at work — what do the statistics say?

27 January, 2023

Workers in any industry or workplace can experience hand injuries — ranging from sprains and strains, to fractures, cuts, open wounds and amputations.

Mack Traction nitrile gloves

21 December, 2022

The Mack Traction nitrile glove has a raised grip pattern, making it suitable for low grip environments.

ATG MaxiFlex Elite gloves

21 December, 2022

Designed and developed as an ultra-thin breathable glove, ATG’s MaxiFlex Elite gloves are designed for precision handling in dry environments.

PROSAFE Kashi general-purpose, high-visibility work gloves

30 November, 2022

PROSAFE Kashi high-visibility work gloves are designed to help improve hand placement and awareness.

SW Megaman with EcoTek sweat-resistant disposable gloves

22 November, 2022

SW Megaman with EcoTek is a sweat-resistant disposable glove that now offers virus protection according to EN ISO 374-5.

An extremely comfortable gauntlet glove with heavy duty chemical & cut protection

07 October, 2022

The Ninja Premier Cut Gauntlet Glove is made from soft, ergonomically-shaped, nylon and glass composite knitted liner to provide a comfortable fit and Cut D protection.

ATG Intelligent Glove Solutions MaxiDex hybrid glove

28 September, 2022

The MaxiDex hybrid safety gloves combine mechanical handling gloves and disposable gloves for enhanced comfort.

Comfort is the key to compliance

01 September, 2022

Ensuring workers are using gloves that are optimised to suit the work environment plays an important part in maintaining workplace safety.

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