Hazardous goods

Warning issued about hazards of tipping molten slag

15 September, 2009

Comcare has recently issued a Safety Alert about slag-pot dislodgement on a slag-pot carrier.

The cost of not knowing your legal obligations when working with asbestos

31 August, 2009

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland provides some sound advice in properly dealing with asbestos in the workplace.

Potentially contaminated shipments of oleyl diamine

14 August, 2009

Comcare has issued a safety alert warning of a potentially contaminated batch of the industrial chemical oleyl diamine.

Workshop spill kit

07 August, 2009 | Supplied by: Spill Station Australia

The TSSWKS spill kit is designed to handle spills of oils, fuels, solvents, coolant and general chemicals typically used in workshops.

Washdown gun

07 August, 2009 | Supplied by: Tecpro Australia

Instant visual identification of high-temperature water outlets is possible using the brightly coloured, red version of the Ergonomic Washdown Gun.

Safety breaches have explosive consequences

07 August, 2009

A Victorian blasting company has been fined and convicted over a string of safety failings that occurred while blasting at a housing development site.

Builder fined over asbestos contamination

06 August, 2009

A South Australian builder was convicted and fined for putting people at risk by failing to adequately and legally remove asbestos from a worksite.

Using lasers to detect hazardous waste

04 August, 2009

Recent developments in laser technology may provide a new means to safely test materials for hazardous substances.

Fire alerts for mobile plant

28 July, 2009

WorkSafe Victoria has issued a document to assist and minimise the incidence of fires caused by mobile plant in hazardous environments.

Warning about spraying paints and lacquers in woodworking

17 July, 2009

A new document released by WorkSafe provides helpful safety guidelines for spray painters in the furniture industry.

Warnings about fire and explosion risks from rotational moulders

06 July, 2009

WorkSafe Victoria has issued a Health and Safety Solution for workers operating rotational moulders being exposed to fire and explosion risks from polyethylene powder.

Dusts, fumes and fibres campaign uncovers lack of awareness of hazards

30 June, 2009

A WorkSafe inspection campaign, targeting dusts, fumes and fibres in Western Australia during April has revealed that many employers are either not aware of the hazards in their workplaces or are not taking action to reduce the risks.

US campaign against lead

30 June, 2009

The US Department of Labor's OSHA launches regional program to reduce lead exposure in the workplace.

Explosion-proof containment

09 June, 2009 | Supplied by: Pro Quip International Pty Ltd

The Deto-Stop explosion prevention system uses an aluminium alloy mesh to provide protection from explosive combustion in tanks and vessels containing flammable liquids or gases.

Flood containment barrier

09 June, 2009 | Supplied by: Fire Fighting Technologies International Pty Ltd

The Beaver Flood Barrier offers protection against flooding and large spills. It consists of two flexible PVC tubes laid side by side, permanently joined to form a twin element with static stability. The product is available in varying lengths and heights.

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