Drug & alcohol testing

Guidance checklist for managing drug testing in-house

23 January, 2015 | Supplied by: Pathtech Pty Ltd

Pathtech has compiled a Q&A checklist that may help with guidance for organisations managing an in-house drug testing program or considering making changes to their self-managed testing.

Synthetic marijuana and its implementation into workplace drug testing/screening

09 December, 2014 | Supplied by: LaneWorkSafe Pty Ltd

While considered a banned substance, synthetic marijuana is not listed in Australian Standards AS4308:2008 but LaneWorkSafe has an on-site device that can accurately detect for this substance in the workplace.

WA initiative tackles alcohol in the workplace

25 September, 2014

The WA Minister for Mental Health, Helen Morton, has launched a resource to address the issue of alcohol in the workplace.

AlcoMeasure WM - LIVE wall-mounted alcohol breathalyser

01 August, 2014 | Supplied by: Breathalyser Services

The AlcoMeasure WM - LIVE is the next generation of wall-mounted alcohol breathalyser.

1 in 10 workers absent or affected by drugs at work

28 July, 2014

A new poll has revealed how many Victorian employees take sick days or are affected by drugs at work.

Are prescription pills and work a dangerous mix?

08 July, 2014

Flinders University researchers are exploring the potential problems associated with prescribed opioid use in the South Australian workforce.

Increasing trend in prescription-drug misuse

12 June, 2014 | Supplied by: LaneWorkSafe Pty Ltd

While the use of synthetic drugs has grabbed the headlines of late, there is a growing recognition that prescription-based medicines are on the rise and indications are that drugs of this type are being more and more used for illicit purposes.

Rail takes drug and alcohol testing seriously

30 May, 2014

New drug and alcohol testing data, released by the Australasian Railway Association (ARA), has shown a decrease in the rate of positive results amongst employees over two years, even though the number of tests conducted has increased by nearly 55%.

WA government introduces alcohol interlocks

20 May, 2014

The WA government is to introduce alcohol interlock system legislation that will require repeat drink drivers to pay for installation and maintenance of an alcohol interlock for their vehicle that will prevent drunk drivers from starting their vehicle.

Illicit drug testing gets more sophisticated

13 May, 2014

Researchers at the University of South Australia have developed innovative 'lab-on-a-chip' drug-testing technology which could transform police roadside and workplace drug testing.

LWS Synthetic Cannabis Test

07 May, 2014 | Supplied by: LaneWorkSafe Pty Ltd

The LWS Synthetic Cannabis Test identifies synthetic cannabinoids (JWH - 018 and JWH - 073) and their metabolites in human urine without the need of instrumentation.

LaneWorkSafe Oxycodone Test

06 May, 2014 | Supplied by: LaneWorkSafe Pty Ltd

The LaneWorkSafe Oxycodone (OXY) Test is a rapid, one-step test for the qualitative detection of oxycodone in urine.

New psychoactive drugs: no easy answer

11 April, 2014

New Zealand's new synthetic drug legislation raises as many questions as it answers, but deserves close observation in Australia, according to a new report released today.

Alcolizer Wall Mount

27 February, 2014 | Supplied by: TechRentals

The Alcolizer Wall Mount is availabe for rent from TechRentals.

Workplace drug and alcohol testing: keeping it in-house

18 February, 2014 | Supplied by: Pathtech Pty Ltd

It is possible for drug and alcohol testing to be conveniently and easily managed in-house, without sacrificing accuracy.

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