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At sea with mental health

18 November, 2019

Employers need to take a more 'proactive approach' to addressing the challenges that come with working at sea, research suggests.

'Sportier' approach could help tradies tackle soreness

20 August, 2019

An Australian Physiotherapy Association survey finds that 69% of tradies believe it is normal to be sore due to their work; 'warming up' could help.

Coalmine workers speak out on mine safety risk factors

02 August, 2019

Declining job security in coalmining is a major mine safety risk factor, according to a survey conducted by the CFMEU.

Drivers support restrictive apps on phones: study

24 May, 2019

The majority of drivers would be prepared to install apps which restrict their use of mobile phones, provided they can still talk and listen to music.

Top 15 safest companies revealed

01 May, 2019

A list of the top 15 safety-conscious companies has been developed using data from SafetyCulture clients.

The dangers of work stress and limited sleep

29 April, 2019

The risk of cardiovascular death increases threefold in stressed workers with impaired sleep, according to a new study.

How a late bedtime could pose safety risks

27 March, 2019

Workers who go to bed late have slower reaction times and this could compromise safety, according to a new international study.

How understanding body clocks can aid shift workers

18 March, 2019

Understanding the individual timing of a person's body clock could be the key to increasing alertness in shift workers, according to a new study.

70% of workers dehydrated, study shows

03 December, 2018

Occupational safety and performance in seven out of 10 workers is negatively affected by heat stress and failure to maintain water balance.

Jobs at Home Day raises safety awareness

14 November, 2018

In December, Victorian workers will be given the opportunity to celebrate the important jobs they do at home for their families.

Worker crushed by prime mover

10 August, 2018

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has issued an alert following a tragic incident where a worker was fatally crushed by a prime mover.

Industry safety snapshots now available

04 July, 2018

Safe Work Australia has updated a set of work health and safety snapshots across seven different industries.

Stressed male workers may die younger

07 June, 2018

A new international study suggests men who work in stressful jobs may be at higher risk for an early death — but the same is not true for women.

Victorian workplace death toll on the rise

12 January, 2018

There was a rise in Victorian workplace fatalities throughout 2017, with older workers and farmers over-represented in this number.

Which industries have the highest death rates?

30 October, 2017

A new study has been published which ranks mortality rates by occupation in the UK over the past 30 years.

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