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Mental stress costs Australian businesses more than $10 billion per year

10 April, 2013

Safe Work Australia has released its first report on work-related mental stress and its associated costs based on an analysis of Australian workers’ compensation claims data from 2008-09 to 2010-11. The report includes comparisons of rates of mental stress claims across industry sectors and occupations for male and female workers but does not distinguish between public and private sector workers.

Study finds a link between a static life and health strife

13 March, 2013

Office workers, truck drivers and couch potatoes beware: a University of Western Sydney study has found that men who spend more than four hours of each day sitting down are more likely to experience chronic disease such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Construction blitz finds safety shortfalls

12 March, 2013

Dangerous scaffolding, unsafe work at height and inadequate temporary fencing were just some of the 90 safety breaches WorkSafe inspectors found on housing construction sites across western Victoria last month.

Australian workers still dream of flexible work hours

14 November, 2012

A survey by an IT services company has found over half the respondents said they would prefer to work from anywhere, and another 40% would prefer to work at least one day a week from home.

Farm injury risks increase with age

14 November, 2012 by Bryan Alary

Older North American farmers work fewer hours than their younger peers but spend more time operating heavy machinery and equipment - raising their risk of serious injury, according to new research from the University of Alberta.

Incorporating safety into active urban design

10 October, 2012

Designing or modifying buildings and communities to facilitate physical activity must include strategies to maximise safety. The ‘Active Design Supplement: Promoting Safety’ report provides explicit guidelines for urban planners, architects, public health advocates and others to consider when promoting active designs.

Vibration at work - what are the risks?

27 September, 2012

Safe Work Australia has released two fact sheets on the harmful effects of vibration on the body and tips to reduce the risks.

Occupational health and safety trends

31 August, 2012

Every dollar spent on safety sends US$4 to US$6 to the bottom line, notes a recent 3M Safety Outlook and Trends Report. The report outlines global occupational health and safety trends and also advises that health and safety managers holistically assess the required PPE components and select an integrated solution.

Half of Australia’s workers would rather quit than deal with workplace issues

30 August, 2012

Australian workers are fostering an ‘avoidance culture’ among employees, with 46% of people surveyed saying they would rather look for a new job than contend with a workplace issue, while 48% resort to taking days off when faced with a tough time at work, reveals a recent Australian Workplace Relationships Survey conducted by R U OK?.

Pressure of customer expectations affecting truck driver safety

30 August, 2012

A ‘master-slave’ relationship between trucking companies and retail supply chains is foiling efforts to improve safety in an industry involved in nearly 200 fatal crashes last year, reveals a recent Queensland University of Technology (QUT) study.

OHS in growth phase

21 August, 2012

When the workers across various non-mining sectors are concerned about job losses and company closures, the professionals in the workplace health and safety industry seem to be having strong career prospects.

Skilled migrants in low-paid jobs risk depression

09 August, 2012

Skilled migrants who can’t find jobs that use their education and qualifications are more likely to suffer mental health problems after three and a half years of arriving in Australia, according to a new study led by a researcher from the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research (WAIMR).

Research shows workplace bullying involves us all

08 August, 2012

New research from Murdoch University and Edith Cowan University has shed light on the roles bystanders play in workplace bullying.

Bystander intervention key to reducing sexual harassment in workplaces

07 August, 2012

In a recently published report titled 'Bystander Approaches to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace',  Paula McDonald, Queensland University of Technology and Michael Flood, University of Wollongong, demonstrate the potential for bystander approaches to make a real difference in preventing and addressing sexual harassment as a costly and damaging workplace harm. Read on to find out more.

Higher injury rates for casual workers

02 August, 2012

A report released by Safe Work Australia has found that casual workers recorded a work-related injury rate 50% higher than non-casual workers in 2009-10, with females reporting a significantly higher rate of injuries per hour worked than males.

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