My Safe Work MySafe Pod personal duress alarm

01 June, 2023 | My Safe Work

MySafe Pod is a personal safety device that features fast 4G connectivity, with 1-way or 2-way voice calls, discreet SOS and worker down alerts.

Heart and Brain Works psychosocial hazard audits

01 June, 2023 | Heart and Brain Works

Heart and Brain Works offers psychosocial hazard audits that use quantitative and qualitative data to help clients understand the root causes of hazards.

Protect-Air CartReg inline regulator

01 June, 2023 | Compressed Air Australia Pty Ltd

The small and compact Protect-Air CartReg inline regulator provides an economical way to maintain specific pressure requirements.

Tesvolt Power Safe battery storage solution

31 May, 2023 | Tesvolt Australia

The Tesvolt Power Safe battery storage solution combines a battery storage system and fire protection, and meets commercial and industrial safety requirements.

Savox Communications Savox Noise-COM 500 hearing protector

25 May, 2023 | Savox Communications

The Savox Noise-COM 500 products are Bluetooth hearing protectors designed for use in construction, mining or other heavy industries.

Adept Direct FRAS magnetic cable hangers

24 May, 2023 | Adept Direct

The magnetic cable hangers are easy to install, even in harsh environments. They come with a powerful magnet that can stick to any metal surface, meaning the hangers remain securely in place.

Graphex Rogue safety glove

01 May, 2023 | Private Brands Pty Ltd

The Graphex Rogue safety glove is suitable for the mining, trade and construction industries, and features Graphex 18-gauge yarn for cut resistance and dexterity.

Safety Mate NXG GreenTek gloves

01 May, 2023 | Safety Mate Pty Ltd

The Safety Mate NXG GreenTek range of gloves is designed to help the environment without compromising performance.

Omniterm FCX bidirectional contact repeater

20 April, 2023 | Omniflex (Australia) Pty Ltd

The Omniterm FCX is a fibre-optic switch contact signal repeater unit that transmits a switch contact status signal bidirectionally up to 20 km.

Kinder Australia K-AllShelter Conveyor Covers

20 April, 2023 | Kinder Australia Pty Ltd

K-AllShelter Conveyor Covers are designed to provide complete coverage of the conveyor and are engineered to be a waterproof, durable barrier.

Steel Blue Scuff Cap protected safety boots

18 April, 2023 | Steel Blue

Steel Blue has released scuff-resistant versions of two of its popular boots, the Hobart and the Portland, featuring a durable, low-profile Scuff Cap.

Workforce by Avetta mobile safety app

12 April, 2023 | Avetta

The Workforce by Avetta mobile app offers digital ID cards that empower workers to use their smartphones to take LMS training, become compliant and access worksites securely.

SICK safeRS and safeRS3 safe radar systems

06 April, 2023 | SICK Pty Ltd

The safeRS and safeRS3 safe radar systems are electro-sensitive 3D protective devices for safe personal detection with high machine productivity.

Dräger NANO Cylinder Type 4 – Non Limited Life

04 April, 2023 | Draeger Australia Pty. Ltd.

Alongside Dräger's PSS AirBoss, it has also released the Dräger NANO Cylinder (NLL), Type 4.

UniPrint pre-start checklist books

03 April, 2023 | UniPrint Pty Ltd

The UniPrint Pre-start checklist books are designed to help users maintain machinery by exposing defects or service issues before they become hazardous.

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