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Wormald Connect online fire service portal

Wormald has launched Wormald Connect, a web-based portal that gives users 24-hour access to fire service calls and inspections data.

Gaam MK300 firefighting pump

The Gaam MK300 pump is said to be a reliable, powerful, low-maintenance pump, offering pressures up to 1580 kPa and flow rates to 1400 L/min.

Tyco Model EC-25 Extended Coverage Sprinkler

The Model EC-25 Extended Coverage Sprinkler, from Tyco Fire Protection Products (TFPP), provides advanced solutions for the higher-density, extended-coverage applications in extra hazard and storage occupancies.

Smith Light lighting range

The Smith Light lighting range includes the explosion-proof EX model designed as a safe option for the mining, petrochemical and energy industries.

Wormald confined space entry training

As a registered training organisation, Wormald offers a two-day confined space entry training course that equips authorised employees with the knowledge and skills to safely enter and operate in confined spaces, avoiding exposure to hazardous substances, flammable or explosive conditions and addressing other safety or health issues.

Wormald fire defence training

Wormald’s fire defence training can provide workers with an essential awareness of how different types of fires can start and instil in them the confidence required to respond effectively.

Scott Advanced Carrying System self-contained breathing apparatus

The Advanced Carrying System (ACS) self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) by Scott is claimed to be lighter than other carrying systems and offers comfort and flexibility with a selection of facemasks, cylinders and valve styles available.

Wormald ProMask full facemask range

The ProMask full facemask range, manufactured from ProComp, provides protection against chemical or biological threats and is claimed to provide comfort, convenience and reliable performance.

Akron Brass water cannon range

The Akron Brass water cannon range, which includes severe-duty electric, hydraulic, automated, semi-automated, programmable and Omega severe-duty types are claimed to outlast and outperform manual water cannons.

Wormald emergency rescue mat

Designed for qualified emergency operators, Wormald’s emergency rescue mat provides a practical, lightweight solution for carrying casualties during search and rescue operations. The mat has been specifically devised to minimise operator fatigue and reduce the risk of injury.

Wormald GCE Sabre Medical resuscitation system

The GCE Sabre Medical Manual & Automatic Resuscitation System (MARS) is designed for utilisation in emergency services, mining, oil and gas, and marine industries. It offers both manual and automatic resuscitation modes and is based around a control module and a patient valve.

Fire detection system

The Vigilant MX 1 fire detection and alarm system offers a one- or two-loop analog addressable fire indicator panel. Designed for compliance with Australian Standard AS 7240.2, the system features an integral Fire Brigade Panel to AS 4428.3 and is suitable for small to medium-size systems.

SCBA carrying system

The Wormald ACS (advanced carrying system) has been developed to provide a safer and more ergonomic means to carry SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) in industrial and fire environments.

ELSA Muster emergency life support apparatus

The Sabre ELSA Muster is an open circuit, positive pressure escape breathing apparatus that provides air on demand.

Pro-Cab Emergency Air System

The Pro-Cab Emergency Air System is specifically designed for rural and regional fire brigades, to provide personal respiratory and flame protection for multiple users in hazardous conditions such as a vehicle burn-over.

Cen-Paq self-contained breathing apparatus

Cen-Paq self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is suitable for the full gamut of inspection, intervention and rescue applications for civil, military and industrial safety professionals, particularly where full-size SCBA may be too big and bulky. This is important when a rapid response is required of the wearer in an often hostile environment.

Sabre Contour 100, 300 and 500 self-contained breathing apparatus

A self-contained breathing apparatus provides breathable air to wearers, such as fire, mining and industrial safety professionals, while they're working in a hostile environment.

Radio communications interface

The Sabre Com is a radio communications system integrated with a face mask. This radio communications interface is a complete, ready-to-use product, allowing you to communicate via radio without having to remove the face mask - perfect for use with self-contained breathing apparatus used by firefighters and other emergency services and industrial safety personnel.

Breathing air systems

Breathing air systems are essential equipment for filling compressed air cylinders used by emergency and industrial safety professionals. The latest innovation in air purification is a range of breathing air systems specially engineered for fire, mining, oil/gas, and industrial safety professionals.

Manual and automatic resuscitation system

The Sabre Manual and Automatic Resuscitation System (MARS) is a portable manual and automatic resuscitator for professional medical services such as ambulances and emergency rescue teams.

Portable multi-gas monitor

The Scout is a tough and simple-to-use multi-gas monitor that measures and displays toxic gases, oxygen and combustible gas concentrations simultaneously. These measurements are possible through selection from a wide range of interchangeable (plug-and-play) smart sensors.

Breathing air cylinder charge station

RevolveAir is a unit which allows for simultaneous charging of breathing air cylinders (BAC) within the protective chamber while two further BACs are being exchanged outside the chamber.

Airline breathing apparatus

Sabre airline products are suitable for industrial, mining, military and confined space entry applications as diverse as entering sewers, tanks cleaning, spray painting, aircraft fuel cell entry with the user being supplied with medium-pressure clean breathable air.

Emergency life support apparatus

The Sabre ELSA provides breathable air and is designed to aid escape from hazardous atmospheres such as fires or asphyxiating fumes which could arise in industrial and chemical plants, mines or oil and gas installations.

Self-contained breathing apparatus

The Sigma 2 is a first-breath activated, positive pressure, self-contained breathing apparatus. The heart of the Sigma 2 set is a reliable two-stage pneumatic system comprising a positive pressure demand valve, first stage pressure-reducing valve, cylinder connector assembly, shoulder-mounted combined pressure indicator and warning whistle.

Water look-alike fire suppression system

The Sapphire Fire Suppression System uses a chemical agent that fights fires without causing any damage to electronics, works of art, irreplaceable artefacts and other critical assets.


Vehicle fire protection standard revised

Vehicle owners and operators are advised to familiarise themselves with changes to Australian Standard AS5062.

Standards update — national approach to fire protection maintenance

National businesses are being urged to standardise maintenance of fire protection as Victoria joins the rest of Australia in implementing fire protection maintenance standard AS1851-2012.

New owners for Australian Wormald fire business

The deal for global fire and security company Tyco to sell off its Wormald Australian fire business has now been finalised.

7 fire safety tips for manufacturing facilities

The impact and cost of fire in a manufacturing facility should never be underestimated.

Wormald partners with Komatsu for safer mobile equipment

Wormald has signed a national supply agreement with Komatsu to provide fire suppression systems for mobile equipment. An industry first, the partnership will see vehicle fire suppression systems supplied directly to Komatsu for fitment by technicians at the assembly stage.

Wormald calls for farm vehicles to upgrade fire suppression systems

Due to the size, fuel-carrying capacity and cost of today’s farm machinery, particularly harvesters, appropriate vehicle fire suppression systems compliant to Australian Standards should be installed.



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