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Vision Safe

Vision Safe provides a range of quality personal protective equipment encompassing AS/NZS 1337 medium impact eye wear, personal and portable safety lighting, glove guards and vehicle safety beacons.

Phone: 08 9295 0624
Fax: 08 9295 0628
64 Wandeara Crescent , Mundaring WA 6073 (Directions)


VISIONSafe BOTTLECHOCK cylinder restraint system

The VISIONSafe BOTTLECHOCK cylinder restraint system has been purpose-designed to keep cylinders secure, protecting staff along with often valuable gauges and equipment.

Tanami hat

The Tanami lightweight hat has a 50+ UPF rating and is suitable for outdoor work in harsh Australian conditions.

First Aid Works general-purpose first-aid kit

Compact, lightweight and practical, the First Aid Works general-purpose first-aid kit contains all the essential items required to treat many common injuries.

VisionSafe traffic-cone LED Light

The VisionSafe traffic-cone LED light is a portable hazard warning light that can be used in conjunction with the traffic cones to make them more visible.

Duro-Flash lighting system to delineate danger zones

The Duro-Flash lighting system is designed to provide a safe, economical alternative to a standard flare for delineating danger zones.

ACOT500 Assassin mine-site light bar

With an IP66 rating, the ACOT500 Assassin mine-site light bar has been specifically developed to handle the harsh terrain and conditions found on mine sites.

VisionSafe Seal safety glasses

The medium-impact Seal safety glasses from VisionSafe are lightweight and come with detachable foam inserts for added comfort and fit.

UVeto Kala sun-protection hat

The UVeto Kala hat is designed to protect the wearer from harmful UV rays without obstructing their vision.

ACOT500 3124 rotating beacon

The ACOT500 3124 rotating beacon has a self-tensioning silicon direct drive which makes the unit quiet and consistent in performance.

VisionSafe Hydro Goggles

The VisionSafe Hydro Goggles are certified to AS/NZS 1337.1 Medium Impact and are suitable for situations where airborne particles are prevalent.

Duro-Flash double-sided lighting system

The Duro-Flash features six heavy-duty lights in a recharging carry case. It is a safe, economical alternative to a standard flare for delineating danger zones. It can be used in applications such as to mark off hazardous roads, show safe driving areas under water, direct traffic or warn of a breakdown.

VisionSafe Guardsman Warrior heavy-duty work glove

The VisionSafe Guardsman Warrior is a fully lined, heavy-duty work glove that provides protection and comfort, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Vision Safe Kala Hat with flap

The Kala Hat protects the wearer from harmful UV rays without obstructing their vision.

Vision Safe Seal safety glasses

Seal medium-impact safety glasses come with detachable foam inserts for added comfort and fit.

UVeto Australia safety sunglasses range

Vision Safe will be exhibiting the UVeto Australia range of safety sunglasses at The Safety Show Sydney.

Derma Guard skin protectant

The Derma Guard range provides skin protection against oils, grease and grime and also gives emergency protection against most acids and bases. It is non-greasy and remains on the skin for 4-5 h despite repeated washing.

VisionSafe Guardsman protective work gloves

The VisionSafe Guardsman range of protective work gloves is suitable for a wide variety of applications and workplace needs.

VisionSafe Bottlechock cylinder restraint system

The need for convenience and ease of access to high-pressure gas cylinders often contends with the need for safe, reliable and secure storage in the workplace. To meet these constraints, VisionSafe has released the Bottlechock, a cylinder restraint system to keep cylinders secure and protect staff, valuable gauges and equipment.

ACOT 500 Assassin Light Bars

The Assassin Light Bar is a low-profile light bar that mounts to a vehicle roof and displays a customised array of lighting. The product is adaptable to any vehicle and can be made in a size to suit individual vehicle needs.

Vision Safe Bottlechock cylinder restraint system

Bottlechock is a cylinder restraint system purpose designed to keep cylinders secure, protecting staff along with often valuable gauges and equipment. The clamp design allows a range of cylinders with different diameters to be held by the same clamp. The clamp grips around, maintaining full contact with the cylinder, to restrict both horizontal and vertical movement.

Vision Safe Tanami hat

The Tanami hat, with a 50+ ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating, is designed for outdoor work in harsh Australian conditions.

Vision Safe Sword Fish safety knife

Vision Safe’s Sword Fish safety knife is a heavy-duty safety knife for use in both rescue and warehouse/packaging situations. It features a concealed blade enclosed in an impact-resistant nylon casing with a textured surface for sure grip even when wet.

Vision Safe Sweat GUTR sweatband

The saturation-proof Sweat GUTR sweatband provides clear vision to industrial workers struggling to keep sweat out of their eyes. Traditional sweatbands try to absorb sweat and eventually become saturated and lose their effectiveness - the GUTR is non-absorbent and works by diverting sweat away from the eyes and glasses.

Vision Safe Reader 101 bifocal safety glasses

The Reader 101 safety glasses provide bifocal vision to enable wearers to see detailed objects such as small parts or written documentation, without having to remove safety eyewear or swap glasses.

Vision Safe Kala hat

The Kala hat protects wearers from harmful UV rays without obstructing their vision, allowing outdoor workers to focus on the task at hand and reducing sun damage to their neck, face and ears.

Modular vehicle lights

The Acot500 Assassin mine vehicle light bar is IP66 rated and designed for the harsh terrain and conditions found on mine sites.

Mining vehicle lighting

The Acot500 Assassin mine light bar has been developed for operation in the harsh terrain and conditions that are often found on mine sites, providing vehicles with high-penetration and high-level lighting, making the vehicle more visible through dust, mist and fog in both daylight and night conditions.

Glove holders

The Glove Guard and Utility Guard are now available in a ‘metal detectable’ version for use in the food industry to safely keep gloves close at hand.

Noise canceller for sound sleep

The 980A sound screen utilises white noise to create a barrier of sound while people sleep. The sound generated effectively blocks noise in the surrounding environment and can assist in making it easier for people to sleep, particularly useful in remote industrial sites where sleeping is made difficult because of close living confines or where noise is constant.

Traffic batons

VisionSafe has expanded its range of traffic batons with the introduction of updated batons in a variety of high-visibility colour combinations and sizes.

Protective goggles

The Flex 440 is a slimline, metal-free, dual lens goggle that offers the eye protection of a larger goggle without the bulk. It is medium-impact protection rated and is claimed to block 99.9% of UV rays.

Tie-down straps

The Fasty range of tie-down straps is designed to secure small loads attached to vehicles to prevent cargo shifting under driving conditions, even in the event of a crash.

Medium impact spectacle

The importance of wearing safety eyewear in the workplace cannot be over emphasised, yet employees often neglect to wear their protective eyewear.

Anti-misting wax

The Vuklear Fog-Off stick is designed to minimise fogging on any lens. It is suitable for workplaces with high humidity or where the temperature fluctuates to cause misting or fogging of safety eyewear.

Portable/personal lights

Where low light conditions, traffic flow difficulties and emergencies require quick and effective management, Vision Safe's range of Signal Lites is an option.

Safety eyewear

Manufactured to AS/NZS 1337 medium impact standard and certified by Benchmark, the Sentinel safety glasses have a polycarbonate, hard-coated lens that can withstand an impact of 40 m/s and will resist scratching.

Back support belt

Body-tec has developed a back support belt specifically designed to prevent the wearer bending at the waist. This encourages the user to bend at the knees and use correct lifting techniques when undertaking manual handling tasks.



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