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Sound Hearing

Sound Hearing has an extensive range of services and products relating to noise and hearing such as hearing conservation programs, hearing screening, sound surveys and noise assessment.

Phone: 02 8467 2000
Fax: 02 8467 2090
Level 1, 313 Penthurst Street , Willoughby NSW 2068 (Directions)


Sonomax Self-Fit custom hearing protection range

Sonomax Self-Fit custom hearing protection range is a self-fitting system.

Two-way comms in high-noise environments

The SONOCOMM2 provides clear two-way communications in high-noise environments, while providing hearing protection at the same time.

Custom-fitted earpiece

The SonoCustom Hearing Protector is a re-usable earpiece that is custom fitted and adapted to provide maximum protection. The earpieces are fitted on the spot, taking around 30 minutes to provide the user with a pair of individually tailored hearing protectors.

Real-time noise monitoring

The SoundEar Pro continuous noise monitoring system has been revised to include wireless connectivity to enable up to 10 wireless sound level meters to communicate in real time with the host software running on a PC or laptop computer. The system can become an educational tool to enhance a company’s hearing conservation program.

Risk mitigation for hearing loss

Sound Hearing has developed training that is designed to better understand the risk of noise in the workplace and how to practically mitigate noise-induced hearing loss at a grass roots levels.

Guaranteed hearing protection

Custom hearing protection is a surprisingly cost-effective and practical way to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

Hearing protection system

The Sonomax Solution is a hearing protection system for the industrial workplace. It is a device that combines a reusable, custom-fitted earplug, the SonoCustom, with a software application that calibrates sound attenuation to achieve noise reduction and provide hearing protection in the workplace. It features an earplug which is equipped with acoustic filters that allow the user to converse with co-workers or hear warning signals without having to remove the hearing protector. The device is made from soft hypoallergenic material so that it can be worn uninterrupted during prolonged exposure to toxic noise.



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