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Sick Scanner Plus! S300 Mini, S300 and S3000 safety laser scanners

02 July, 2014 | SICK Pty Ltd

Sick has added the S300 Mini, S300 and S3000 product families to the Scanner Plus! range of safety laser scanners. S300 and S300 Mini safety laser scanners feature easy integration due to their compact design with a protective field range of up to 3 m. The S3000 safety laser scanner offers a maximum protective field range of 7 m, said to be a first for a safety certified scanner.

Sick safety service solutions

02 July, 2014 | SICK Pty Ltd

Sick safety service solutions provide manufacturers, distributors and operating companies with a means of ensuring that their machines and systems are thoroughly assessed and equipped from the point of view of safety throughout the entire life cycle.

Sick Flexi Soft Drive Monitor expansion module

02 July, 2014 | SICK Pty Ltd

The Flexi Soft Drive Monitor is an expansion module for the Flexi Soft modular safety controller, allowing drives without integrated safety functions to be used. The Flexi Soft Drive Monitor also manages safety functions for drives in fixed machines as well as mobile applications. The SLS (safe limited speed), SSM (safe speed monitoring) and SOS (safe operating stop) functions ensure safe drive monitoring.

SICK in-situ gas analysers

02 July, 2014 | SICK Pty Ltd

SICK's in-situ gas analysers are suitable for direct installation in devices at the respective measurement site, eg, on the chimney. The analysers measure directly in the process under actual operating conditions. Characterised by their minimal maintenance requirements and short response times, they are available in two different versions.

Sick deTec2 Core safety light curtain

01 July, 2014 | SICK Pty Ltd

The deTec2 Core safety light curtain from Sick has been added to the deTec range. A type 2 device with PL c or SIL1, the deTec2 Core accommodates the changes to product standard IEC 61496-1 and provides safety for the machine and operator.

Sick DFS60 incremental encoder

01 July, 2014 | SICK Pty Ltd

The Sick DFS60 incremental encoder is a high-resolution incremental encoder with a diameter of 60 mm. It offers a wide variety of user-specific mechanical and electric adjustments.

Sick Flexi Line interface

01 May, 2014 | SICK Pty Ltd

The Flexi Line interface networks modular machines without limits.

Sick Flexi Loop safety sensor integration design

01 April, 2014 | SICK Pty Ltd

The Flexi Loop design can save costs with sensor cascades that communicate.

Sick M4000 Advanced multiple light beam safety device

04 September, 2012 | SICK Pty Ltd

The M4000 Advanced multiple light beam safety device detects persons accessing the hazardous area of a machine during operation and immediately switch it off.

Sick IVC-3D stainless steel smart camera

06 October, 2011 | SICK Pty Ltd

Sick’s IVC-3D stainless steel smart camera has been specially designed for harsh environments combining imaging, lighting and analysis in a single, robust, stainless steel housing.

Multiple light beam curtains

20 August, 2007 | SICK Pty Ltd

The M4000 series of multiple light beam safety devices has expanded to include two new 'Advanced Curtain' variants with resolutions that have been increased to 14 and 30 mm.

Small safety laser scanner

18 September, 2006 | SICK Pty Ltd

The S300 is a compact monitoring device for small hazardous areas with a maximum protective field radius of 2 m.

Safety beam

13 December, 2005 | SICK Pty Ltd

The performance features, long ranges and the differing beam separations and numbers of beams available make the M 4000 standard multiple light-beam safety device a useful industrial safety product.

Safety light curtain housing

14 February, 2005 | SICK Pty Ltd

The IP67 housing in which the C4000 Micro is integrated is a protective housing with a PMMA acrylic pipe and V4A stainless steel end caps. It is compactly constructed so that no inaccessible areas of dirt can form.

Central monitoring device

21 November, 2004 | SICK Pty Ltd

Up to six doors on mechanical separating protective equipment can be centrally monitored with the non-contact RE 4000 safety system. The system, consisting of an evaluation unit with sensors and actuators, is certified as category 4 according to EN 954-1. Thus, the system can be used in potentially highly hazardous machines.

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