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SafetyLink Pty Ltd

Safetylink's product range includes anchors, static line systems, permanent ladder systems and ladder stabilisers. Our anchor range includes the Safetylink energy absorbing eyebolt.

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PO Box 88 , Hawks Nest NSW 2324 (Directions)


SafetyLink FrogLine horizontal surface-mounted lifeline

The SafetyLink FrogLine horizontal surface-mounted lifeline has a low-profile design, which combines energy-absorbing capabilities into every intermediate, end and corner anchor, consequently incorporating the line energy absorbers into the system.

SafetyLink TempLink temporary anchor

The TempLink has been designed for use where an anchor is required for a temporary period of time in a location that does not need to be revisited. The anchor is designed to absorb energy when a fall is arrested, minimising damage to the structure and reducing the risk of personal injury. The anchor can be used on a metal roof or a tile roof.

SafetyLink FrogLink anchor

The surface-mounted multidirectional FrogLink anchor has been designed to attach permanently to all metal profiles with a single row of attachment holes. Its low-profile reflective design is a plus for any commercial or residential enterprise wanting to maintain an aesthetically pleasing facade. Its dynamic design reduces the load back onto the structure and person attached to the anchor from 25.76 to 3.1kN. The anchor is tested and manufactured in accordance with the applicable Australia and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1891.4 and is rated as a two-person anchor.

SafetyLink FrogLink anchor

The FrogLink anchor is designed to attach to all metal profiles with a single row of attachment holes, making for fast and simple installation.

Roofing installer anchor

TileLink is an anchor system for tile and slate roof installers that combines energy-absorbing capabilities with a profile that is practically invisible when looking at the roof.

Fall restraint anchor

The CableLink anchor is designed for tile and slate roofs and is quick to install, with a small profile that makes it barely visible.

FrogLink safety anchor

The FrogLink lanyard anchor incorporates loops of steel resembling frog’s legs that expand in the event of a fall, reducing the force on the anchor point from 25.76 kN to just 3.1 kN — with less risk of injury to the rescued worker or damage to the roof.

Fall arrest anchor

The RetroLink abseiling and fall arrest anchor has an unobtrusive design that requires no special tooling and minimal penetration to the roof sheeting. It can be installed onto a metal C or Z purlin, where no access is available from underneath the roof.



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