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Sqwincher A 26.5 L double cooler

The Sqwincher A 26.5 L double cooler is designed to make staying hydrated easier with separate sections for undiluted Sqwincher and ice/water.

Ergodyne coiled hard hat lanyard

The Ergodyne coiled hard hat lanyard is designed to prevent hazards caused by items dropped from height.

Sqwincher Lite electrolyte hydration sachets

Sqwincher has developed a range of low-cost, portable electrolyte hydration sachets, designed to ensure that workers are properly hydrated.

Ergodyne topped parts pouches 5528 (canvas) and 5538 (tarpaulin)

Ergodyne's topped parts pouches 5528 (canvas) and 5538 (tarpaulin) feature a hands-free, self-closing Trap Door top preventing items inside from dropping from heights, even when the pouch is tipped over.

Peter Greven Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Wipes

Peter Greven Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Wipes are specifically designed to meet the skin cleaning needs of hardworking hands on the job.

Peter Greven Skin Care three-step industrial skin protection

Protect your workers from occupational skin disease and dry hands with Peter Greven Skin Care three-step industrial skin protection.

Ergodyne 6685 Dry Evaporative Cooling Vest

The Ergodyne 6685 Dry Evaporative Vest has been designed to keep wearers cool in extreme thermal work environments and hot weather, but comfortably dry compared to traditional wet evaporative technology.

Ergodyne Magnetic Tray Organisers 5920 (Rectangle) and 5925 (Round)

The Ergodyne magnetic tray organisers are used to store small metallic parts and can be attached to any metallic structure close to the worker at any angle or height.

Sqwincher Sugar Free Sqwincher 5 L Powder

Sqwincher has created Sugar Free Sqwincher 5 L Powder. The powder not only hydrates workers but ensures they are not consuming excessive amounts of sugar.

Pryme thermal headgear

Pryme has added Ergodyne’s N-Ferno Balaclava range to its collection of thermal work gear, by . The headgear covers the entire face and leaves openings for the eyes. It is increasingly being used by industrial workers to stay warm and insulated.

Pryme Sqwincher Steady Shot energy drink

Pryme Australia has launched Sqwincher Steady Shot which claims to give workers an immediate injection of energy, allowing them to be more alert and productive in the workplace.

Industrial rehydration drink

The Sqwincher Qwik Serv is an industrial rehydration drink that is designed to help workers who work in the sun and in the heat of summer minimise the occurrence of muscle cramps, dehydration and heat-related accidents and illnesses.

Hand cleanser

Stoko Blueforce is a solvent-free, industrial strength hand cleaner which contains no scrubbing particles. It has good skin compatibility and is effective against common industrial grease, oil, mineral oil, lubricating oil, graphite and metal dust, making it suitable for medium- to heavy-duty cleansing applications.

Confined space ventilation

The Allegro Compaxial 9533-15AU is designed for confined space ventilation, in both fixed and mobile applications.


Skin deep for workers

Terry Houlihan, managing director of workplace products supplier and distributor Pryme Australia, recommends some solutions which may help with occupational contact dermatitis.



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