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Pall Mall Manufacturing Co

Supply, through distributors of safety signs and traffic control devices. 'Mat World' mat division specialises in commercial and industrial matting.

Phone: 02 9584 8644
Fax: 02 9584 8744
167 Bonds Road , Riverwood NSW 2210 (Directions)


Mat World Basic and Lumin aluminium stair nosing

Mat World has introduced two aluminium stair nosing lines which are designed to help prevent slips and stumbles on stairways.

Umbrella bagger

The Mat World Umbrella Bagger is designed to be placed at the entrance of a building for entrants to bag their wet umbrellas before they walk off the entrance mat and into the building.

Gala safety poles protective barrier

The Gala Safety Poles device is a safety sign and protective barrier that can be used to warn and restrict access to a particular area that could be potentially hazardous.

Pall Mall Orange Glow safety sign range

The Orange Glow range of safety signs is available in both A-frame and safety cones. The colouring of the safety signs is bold, instantly noticeable even in areas of low light rating. Its glow effect attracts instant attention.

Wheel stop

The PM Wheel Stop is made of black solid rubber with an easy-see yellow reflector for night-time identification. It is designed to be placed in parking spaces to prevent vehicles from overrunning the allocated area.

Rubber mat

Safewalk is a rubber mat from Mat World that has low profile moulded-in ramps on all four sides as a safety feature to reduce the prospect of trips and stumbles.

Kneeling mats

Designed to take the pain out of kneeling, the Knee-Ease Kneeling Mat is useful for anyone working at ground level. This covers a wide variety of jobs from carpet layers to electricians, from plumbers to horticulturists.

Anti-fatigue mat

The Bubble Mat is designed to promote circulation and reduce fatigue with a bubble surface.

Heavy-duty mat

Mat World's Tire Track mat, at 41 oz per square yard of carpet face, has the ability to withstand severe traffic making it suitable for entrances to shopping centres, major public buildings, entertainment venues or hospitals, schools and universities.



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