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NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Ltd

NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Ltd brings together leading products, systems and solutions from across six key electrotechnology sectors: Motor control, power distribution, hazardous area equipment and control, enclosure systems and power quality, automation and safety and automation CSM and training.

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43-67 River Street , Richmond VIC 3121 (Directions)


Stanilite emergency and exit lighting range

The Stanilite emergency and exit lighting range is engineered to a modular design format, to promote straightforward installation and maintenance.

NHP Cortem EXEL-L series of emergency LED lights

The NHP Cortem EXEL-L series of emergency LED lights are certified to AS 2293.3.

Rapid Test Systems Rapid Test RCD safety switch testing device

The Rapid Test Systems Rapid Test RCD safety switch testing device replaces the need for a traditional technician test.

NHP hazardous area LED lighting range

The NHP range of Hazardous Area LED lighting products and in-house lighting designs can improve efficiency by lowering energy consumption, minimising maintenance requirements and reducing installation costs.

NHP ISO appliance inlets with lockout safety protection

The NHP ISO Appliance Inlets range is designed to complement the existing range of ISO Plugs and Sockets.

NHP safety switch protection range

NHP single-phase through to three-phase earth protection range

GM International intrinsic safe isolators

NHP has been appointed the Australia/New Zealand distributor for GM International, a specialist manufacturer of intrinsic safe isolators.

NHP Moflash Ex signalling product range

The Moflash Ex signalling range includes electronic sounders, strobes and manual call points, all of which will be certified to IECEx and suitable for use in hazardous area Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.

NHP Safety Reference Guide

The free guide comes complete with technical information on the company’s extensive range of safety products, white papers on various safety applications and information documents on international/local safety standards.

Sprecher + Schuh CSS7 safety relay and CAS7 safety contactor range

The Sprecher + Schuh CSS7 safety relay and CAS7 safety contactor range features advanced safety and reliability with various contact configurations.

ISF modular safety fencing range

The durable, modular range of safety fencing from ISF is designed in accordance with Australian standards and is suitable for industrial or commercial applications.

Cirprotec lightning, surge and overvoltage protection

The Cirprotec range of lightning, surge and overvoltage protection products includes DIN-style surge diverters, high-capacity (kA) surge diverters for incoming main switchboards and data and communication surge diverters for I/O and control applications.

Moflash Signalling 80 series xenon and LED beacon range

The Moflash Signalling range of compact xenon and LED beacons is available in two voltage options (10-100 VDC or 85-265 VAC) and is IP67 rated.

Stahl 6149 Toughlux handlamp series

The 6149 Toughlux series of handlamps has been added to the range of Stahl IEC ex hazardous area equipment (HAE).

NHP Emergency Lighting Test Unit

The Emergency Lighting Test Unit has been redesigned to make testing emergency and exit lighting more time-efficient. Building codes require that emergency and exit lighting be inspected and tested every six months.

Safety interlock switch

The MZM 100 safety interlock uses an electromagnet to lock the machine guard, therefore requiring no actuator key. The switch detects and monitors the actuator plate through an integrated, non-contact sensor that uses ‘pulse-echo technology’.

Carlo Gavazzi monitoring relays

Carlo Gavazzi monitoring relays incorporate over and undervoltage, to protect the motors that keep an operation running. The current feature ensures overload protection while phase loss sequence ensures the correct rotation for generators and many more protection applications.

Undervoltage release facility

The Elektra S Series main switch has an undervoltage release facility which means that in the instance of a power failure the undervoltage release coil returns the switch to the off position, preventing automatic start-up of machinery on restoration of power.

Carlo Gavazzi proximity sensors

Carlo Gavazzi proximity sensors are rugged and flexible and are designed for reliable and accurate sensing in almost any application. The sensors offer detection without any physical contact and this in turn provides longevity for the device(s).

Two-hand control panels

Schmersal two-hand control panels are non-separating devices that serve to ensure the location of both hands of a machine operator, giving a control signal for a movement that could be dangerous. Two-hand control panels help ensure that intervention by a machine operator in dangerous moving processes is avoided when a machine or plant has been started.

Opto-electronic safety devices

Schmersal opto-electronic safety devices are used as entry, danger point or danger zone guards. Specifically, the SLB range of safety light barriers are utilised as entry guards to dangerous areas. These protection devices operating without physical contact achieve control category 2 or 4 to EN 954-1 in combination with SLB 200-C or SLB 400-C safety monitoring modules.

Disconnect device

The Sprecher+Schuh KT7-25-TRE disconnect device offers added safety for installations utilising the KTA7 motor circuit breakers.

Disconnect device

The Sprecher + Schuh KT7-25-TRE disconnect device offers added safety for installations using the KTA7 motor circuit breakers.


Safety notice: beware of imitations of NHP's Lockdin device

NHP has advised that inferior-quality imitation copies of its Lockdin range have recently appeared in the market and pose a genuine safety risk.



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