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Australian Manufacturer/supplier of technical and associated safety products, services and personal protective equipment. Offices throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Phone: 1300 728 672
Fax: 02 9896 3224
11 Columbia Way , Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 (Directions)


MSA V-FORM safety harness

The MSA V-FORM safety harness features an athletic cut with a patent-pending RaceFORM buckle, for a comfortable fit that improves upper torso movement.

MSA V-Gard industrial safety helmet push key

Push Key is a harness designed for MSA V-Gard industrial helmets, to enhance user retention and comfort by enabling the helmet to be adjusted when worn.

ALTAIR 2X Gas Detector range

The ALTAIR 2X Gas Detector range incorporates XCell sensor technology to enhance worker safety, compliance and traceability.

MSA Luminator Cap Lamp

The Luminator Cap Lamp provides a durable lighting solution that is suitable for use by miners working in rough terrain and complete darkness.

MSA Workman Twin Leg Personal Fall Limiter (PFL)

The MSA Workman Twin Leg Personal Fall Limiter (PFL) provides good mobility and continuous connection.

MSA Workman self-retracting lanyard

MSA has introduced the Workman self-retracting lanyard.

MSA Galaxy GX2 automated gas detection fleet test system

MSA’s Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System efficiently manages a portable gas detection fleet through simple, intelligent testing and calibration of MSA Altair and Altair Pro single-gas detectors and Altair 4X and 5X multigas detectors.

MSA V-Gard safety helmet accessory range

The V-Gard Accessory System - including cap and hat frames, visors and chin protectors - is available for MSA helmets.

MSA FlameGard 5 MSIR Flame Detector

The MSA FlameGard 5 MSIR Flame Detector’s neural network technology NNT 4-IR sensor combination is said to make the detector highly immune to false alarms.

MSA Flexi-Filter Pad particulate filter

The Flexi-Filter Pad is an alternative to a standard cartridge-type particulate filter for respirators. Its swept-back design and low profile make it suitable for use under welding hoods or any tight spot where a respirator must be worn. Low breathing resistance and light weight keep the respirator comfortable and secure on the face.

MSA Confidence Plus Germicidal Cleaner

The Confidence Plus Germicidal Cleaner germicidal formulation can be used for cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting hard, non-porous surfaces of personal protective equipment (PPE). Users simply mix the cleaner with warm water for a clear, stable solution.

MSA W65 Self-Rescuer Respirator

The W65 Self-Rescuer Respirator provides emergency respiratory protection against carbon monoxide gas resulting from underground fires or explosions.

MSA Advantage 1000 low-maintenance full-face respirator

The MSA Advantage 1000 low-maintenance full-face respirator can be used for air-purifying respiratory protection. Its simplified design requires fewer replacement parts and users can interchange the complete Advantage series of filters and cartridges with its half-mask counterparts, providing versatility and reducing costs.

MSA Responder PAPR (powered air-purifying respirators) system

The MSA Responder PAPR (powered air-purifying respirators) system is suitable for first responder, military and special operations personnel who need non-IDLH respiratory protection for an extended period of time.

MSA Advantage 400 Respirator

The Advantage 400 Respirator with one-piece UniBond over-mould face piece provides stability, comfort and good fit, and users can quickly adjust the mask according to their individual needs.

MSA Blocka F80 folding earmuff

The Blocka F80 folding earmuff has been added to MSA’s range of hearing protection products.

MSA SmartArm-mk2 portable modular arm

The SmartArm-mk2 portable modular arm can be used by those managing and wishing to comply with safe work practices when conducting work or repairs in confined spaces.

MSA Advantage 400 Series half-mask respirator

The Advantage 400 Series half-mask respirator uses MSA’s easy-breathe Advantage filters with high capacity and low breathing resistance.

MSA International Workman fall protection harness range

The International Workman fall protection harness range features ergonomically designed removable leg pads for maximum comfort and has high-visibility, soft-feel yellow webbing shoulder straps. Leg straps are similarly designed using contrasting black webbing. Fall arrest connection points are located conveniently front and rear with options of traditional quick-fit or bayonet-style hardware connection.

MSA F1-SF structural firefighting helmet

The F1-SF structural firefighting helmet is compliant with EN 443:2008 for risks generated by fires such as heat, flames, shocks and fragments and is suitable for diverse firefighting applications.

MSA Microtech series disposable coverall

The Microtech series disposable coverall protects workers from potentially dangerous contaminants while providing comfortable wear.

MSA government-accredited training

MSA government-accredited training is available for a range of courses with delivery options including classroom and field-based activities.

MSA Cairns 660CAS Metro firefighter helmet

The Cairns 660CAS Metro firefighter helmet, typically used in structural firefighting, is suitable for industrial emergency response and fire teams.

MSA eXXtreme SCBA system

For frequent exposure to flames and heat from recurring hard training, the preset eXXtreme SCBA system uses materials that reduce maintenance and repair.

MSA AirGo pro compressed air breathing apparatus

The general-purpose AirGo pro is a versatile self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) system that can be used in a broad range of maintenance and emergency situations.

MSA AirGo compact SCBA system

For emergency response and escape operations, the economical AirGo compact SCBA system provides good protection.

MSA AirMaXX SCBA system

The AirMaXX SCBA system, with good wearing comfort, is suitable for frequent and demanding use.

MSA Instinct i-wear range

The Instinct i-wear safety eyewear range can be used to reduce risk from hazards to the eye and is attractively styled to encourage its use in the workplace. High-strength, lightweight materials provide robust frames while the hard-coat lenses are anti scratch and anti fog. The range is certified to provide impact protection and 100% UV protection.

MSA Trigard multigas fixed detector

The Trigard multigas fixed detector, suitable for use in confined spaces, mining, water and wastewater plants and general industry, allows users to monitor multiple gases at a single fixed point, simplifying installation and maintenance.

MSA 116 and 950 L high-pressure calibration gases

MSA has released 116 and 950 L high-pressure calibration gases for the Altair 4X and Altair family. The MSA high-pressure cylinders provide gases characterised to suit the Altair family and provide lower costs for users. Using similar sized cylinders at higher pressures lowers carbon footprint per calibration through reduced production and waste costs.

MSA Galaxy automated calibration and test station

The Galaxy automated calibration and test station for the Altair 4X performs automated calibration and testing, record keeping and has networking capability.

MSA Advantage 400 series respirator

The Advantage 400 series respirator protects workers from dangerous airborne contaminants, and its features provide improved donning and fit and enhance safety.

MSA Altair 4X high-speed, multigas detector

The Altair 4X high-speed, multigas detector is designed for use in confined spaces, mining, OGP and general industry.

MSA left/RIGHT hearing protection earmuffs

The design of the left/RIGHT hearing protection earmuffs addresses the user’s unique head shape, size and ear position and recognises that the left and right sides of the head are not symmetrical.

MSA V-Gard range of hard hats

The V-Gard range of hard hats has undergone a few name changes, with the ‘V’ on the top of the hats being incorporated into the product names: V-Gard Elite becomes V-Gard, V-Gard Advance becomes V-Gard Advance 500 and CoolGard becomes V-CoolGard 200.


MSA acquires General Monitors

MSA has strengthened its global presence in oil, gas and petrochemical market through the acquisition of gas- and flame-detection company General Monitors.

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