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Industrial Scientific Australia Pty Ltd

Industrial Scientific Corporation is a global leader in designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing gas monitoring instruments, systems and related products. With continuous improvements in engineering and R&D, lean manufacturing operations and expanded service capabilities, Industrial Scientific is widely known for providing rugged, dependable products that excel in monitoring hazardous gases in the most demanding work environments in the world.

Phone: 02 8870 3400
Fax: 02 8870 3444
Level 5, 113 Wicks Road , North Ryde NSW 2113 (Directions)


Industrial Scientific iNet Now worker monitoring software

The Industrial Scientific iNet Now live monitoring software enables real-time monitoring of worker location, environment and status.

Industrial Scientific Ventis slide-on pump

The Industrial Scientific Ventis slide-on pump is compatible with both the MX4 and Pro Series multigas monitors.

Ventis Pro Series multi-gas monitors

The Ventis Pro Series multi-gas monitors offer support for additional sensor and language options.

Industrial Scientific Tango TX1 single gas monitors

Industrial Scientific Tango TX1 single gas monitors have an extended H2S sensor range and acknowledgeable gas alerts.

Industrial Scientific LENS Wireless communication technology

The Industrial Scientific LENS Wireless communication technology is based on military ad hoc mesh networking concepts.

Industrial Scientific Radius BZ1 gas hazard area monitor

The Radius BZ1 Area Monitor detects up to seven gases and is suitable for long-term projects, routine maintenance and emergency response.

Industrial Scientific Gas Detection Made Easy mobile app

Industrial Scientific has introduced the Gas Detection Made Easy app, a free training and reference tool enabling gas detection information to be made available on mobile devices.

Industrial Scientific Ventis Pro Series Multi-Gas Monitors

The Industrial Scientific Ventis Pro Series Multi-Gas Monitors, which include the Pro4 and Pro5 models, are lightweight wearable instruments that workers can keep at their sides to safely detect gases in their working environments.

Industrial Scientific DSX Docking Station

The DSX Docking Station from Industrial Scientific is a gas detector maintenance and recordkeeping solution designed to ensure that instruments are properly used and maintained.

Industrial Scientific Corporation Tango TX1 single gas monitor

The Tango TX1 Single Gas Monitor features DualSense technology that is claimed to improve worker safety, regardless of bump test frequency, while reducing overall maintenance costs.

Ventis Slide-on Pump gas-detection instrument

The Ventis Slide-on Pump is suitable for workers who primarily use the Ventis MX4 multigas detector for personal protection but occasionally require an instrument pump for confined space entries.

Ventis MX4 multigas detector

The Ventis MX4 multigas detector is a lightweight, highly configurable instrument that is available with or without an integral pump and is compatible with iNet Gas Detection as a Service.

MX4 gas detector

The MX4 gas detector is small, rugged and simple to use. It’s a suitable personal monitor to use in conjunction with the iNet program.

Multi-gas monitor

The MX6 iBrid is a full-featured multi-gas monitor.

MX6 iBrid Multi-Gas Monitor

The MX6 iBrid is the new full featured multi-gas monitor from Industrial Scientific. The user-friendly design of the unit features a full-color liquid crystal display and 5-way navigation button to scroll through the menu-based operating system.

Gas monitor by Industrial Scientific Corporation

Industrial Scientific Corporation has enhanced its full-featured, dockable GasBadge Pro single gas monitor by introducing an electrochemical hydrogen sensor option.

GasBadge Pro personal gas monitor

The 'dockable' GasBadge Pro single gas monitor is now available with a low hydrogen (H2) interference carbon monoxide (CO) sensor option.

Hydrogen cyanide sensor

Industrial Scientific has enhanced its dockable GasBadge Pro single gas monitor with the introduction of a hydrogen cyanide (HCN) sensor option.

Fixed-point gas monitor

The steel iTran is a robust solution for fixed-point gas detection. Built with a 316-grade stainless steel housing to withstand corrosion, the monitor is suitable for installations in harsh environments such as offshore drilling platforms, chemical plants or applications near a saltwater coastline.

Personal gas monitor

GasBadge Plus is a two-year, maintenance-free, single gas monitor designed for personal protection from unsafe levels of oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide or nitrogen dioxide.


Health and safety award for gas detection solution

Industrial Scientific has announced that its gas detection as a service solution, known as iNet, was recognised as ‘Health & Safety Initiative of the Year’ at the Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Awards held in Texas last month.

Industrial Scientific relocates to Port Melbourne

To accommodate its continued expansion, Industrial Scientific has moved its business operations to a 250 m2 space along the ship channel in Port Melbourne



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