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Honeywell Safety Products Australia Pty Ltd

Sperian Protection is an industrial group specialising in the design, manufacture and sale of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). World leader in PPE with a complete range of Hearing, Eye, Respiratory, Hand/Body and Fall protection. We offer innovative products adapted to high-risk environments so that all workers in the manufacturing and services industries can work with confidence.

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Honeywell Howard Leight VeriShield 100 Series Passive Earmuffs

Honeywell's Howard Leight VeriShield 100 Series Passive Earmuffs are designed to prevent and protect industrial workers from noise-induced hearing loss.

Honeywell Laser Trak detectable earplugs

Honeywell Laser Trak detectable earplugs are designed for use in processing industries where there is a risk of earplugs going missing in the production process.

Honeywell DuraHoist 3Pod tripod for confined spaces

The Honeywell DuraHoist 3Pod tripod for confined spaces is engineered to provide safe anchorage for employees who work in tight, confined spaces.

Honeywell HL400 earplug dispenser

The Honeywell HL400 earplug dispenser is built for lightweight, durable convenience.

Miller tool lanyard range

Miller tool lanyards are engineered to provide a safe, simple and reliable tethering of tools for construction personnel when working at heights.

Honeywell Rig Dog CR gloves

The Honeywell Rig Dog CR gloves provide workers with impact protection and a cut-resistant palm.

Honeywell Howard Leight electronic hearing series

The Honeywell Howard Leight electronic hearing series has been developed to protect and connect Australia and New Zealand's industrial workforce.

Honeywell Howard Leight Sync Wireless protective earmuffs

The Honeywell Howard Leight Sync Wireless protective earmuffs integrate Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing workers to talk on the phone, connect with co-workers, get instructions and perform tasks without sacrificing hearing protection in noisy or dangerously loud environments.

Honeywell Vocollect Voice Maintenance & Inspection (M7I) Solution

Honeywell has launched its Vocollect Voice Maintenance & Inspection (M7I) Solution, a voice control application designed for maintenance operations in the aviation industry.

Honeywell Miller TurboLite Personal Fall Limiters

The Honeywell range of Miller TurboLite Personal Fall Limiters (PFLs) eliminates the need for different fall protection equipment when fall clearance changes.

Honeywell Hypershock protective eyewear

Honeywell Hypershock safety eyewear is suitable for applications where high-performance medium impact protection is essential and vision can't be compromised.

Honeywell Machete safety eyewear

Designed for medium impact eye protection, the Honeywell Machete safety eyewear features a tough hard lens coatings and a stylish, lightweight frame.

Honeywell Lens Cleaning Station

The Honeywell Lens Cleaning Station provides a solution for keeping safety glasses clean with a minimum of fuss.

Miller QuickPick rescue kits

The Miller QuickPick Rescue Kits are designed to deliver peace of mind during unexpected and stressful peer-rescue situations involving those working at height.

Honeywell respirator kits

The Honeywell Respirator Kits are designed to take the hassle out of selecting, transporting and storing respirators, along with filter and cleaning wipes.

Honeywell SolarPro 2 protective eyewear

The SolarPro 2 range of polarised eyewear is designed to not only protect eyes but also eliminate glare and reduce eye strain.

Honeywell Adaptec eye protection

Honeywell has developed the Adaptec customisable range of safety glasses that are designed to provide good fit, comfort and protection for all workers.

Howard Leight by Honeywell FirmFit earplugs

The Howard Leight by Honeywell FirmFit firm foam earplugs are designed to be softer, safer and simpler to use than traditional foam earplugs.

Honeywell Turboshield faceshield protection

The Honeywell Turboshield faceshield is suitable for industrial workers who are exposed to a risk of chemical, molten metal splashes or impact to the face. 

Miller QuickPick Rescue Kit

The Miller QuickPick Rescue Kit is suitable for unexpected, stressful peer-rescue situations

Honeywell Miller AirCore harnesses

The Honeywell Miller AirCore range of lightweight, full-body harnesses is designed with breathable, open-core padding technology to provide optimal airflow, while reducing heat and moisture entrapment, to keep workers drier and cooler.

Honeywell Salisbury arc flash protection suit

Honeywell Safety Products has added the Salisbury by Honeywell's lightweight arc flash protection suit to its arc flash protection range.

Honeywell Icom Stereo Bluetooth-enabled eyewear

The Honeywell Icom Stereo Bluetooth eyewear is an all-in-one solution combining maximum impact protection with hands-free voice communication.

Salisbury Lift Front Hood for arc flash protection

Honeywell Safety Products has launched the Salisbury Lift Front Hood for arc flash protection up to 40 calories/cm².

Miller QuickPick Rescue Kits

The Miller QuickPick Rescue Kits provide a quick and easy solution for rescuing a suspended worker.

Honeywell Safety Products SP1000 eyewear range

Honeywell Safety Products has added features to its existing SP1000 eyewear range.

Howard Leight Sync AM/FM radio earmuffs

The Howard Leight Sync AM/FM radio earmuffs incorporate passive hearing protection, digital tuning technologies, improved sound quality and design.

Howard Light Quietdose personal dosimeter

The Quietdose personal dosimeter, from Howard Leight by Honeywell, is suitable for any workplace hearing conservation program.

Howard Leight VeriPRO aural testing system

With noise-induced hearing loss a serious issue for many workers, Howard Leight by Honeywell has introduced the VeriPRO system, a way to assess and monitor workers’ aural health.

Honeywell AS1200U Arc Flash Faceshield

The AS1200U Arc Flash Faceshield (with universal hard hat adapter) is designed to fit on most Australian Standards-approved front brim hard hats regardless of the manufacturer.

Salisbury gloves

Salisbury gloves are designed to provide workers with protection against electrical hazards.

Honeywell Electrosoft natural latex

Honeywell’s Electrosoft natural latex rubber insulating gloves offer workers protection in a variety of electrical applications.

Honeywell 3000 half-mask respirator

The user-friendly Honeywell 3000 half-mask respirator with a P2/P3 filter is suitable for use in environments where mould poses a threat.

Honeywell Safety Products Electrosoft AS2225 Approved Natural Latex Rubber Insulating Gloves

To prevent the effects of electric shock and protect workers according to the most relevant standards, Honeywell Safety Products has launched the Electrosoft AS2225 Approved Natural Latex Rubber Insulating Gloves suitable for electrical workers.

Salisbury insulated tool range

The non-sparking and non-magnetic insulated tools and tool kits from Salisbury include wrenches, pliers, cutters, screwdrivers, sockets and tool kits, which can be used within environments where hazardous, flammable or combustible vapours, liquids, dusts or residues may be present.

Honeywell Safety Products PPE for working with asbestos

Honeywell Safety Products provides a range of safety and personal protective equipment designed to offer safety, quality and performance when working with asbestos.

Honeywell Safety Products Quietpro QP100Ex hearing protection and communication system

Honeywell Safety Products has developed Quietpro QP100Ex, claimed to be the only intelligent hearing protection and communication system that provides personal hearing protection, personal noise exposure measurement and clear communication throughout a full range of work environments.

Honeywell fashion safety eyewear

Honeywell Safety Products has launched a range of fashion eyewear specifically tailored to provide protection for workers in a variety of industries.

Stanley Sync stereo earmuffs

The Sync stereo earmuff from Stanley delivers both hearing protection and listening enjoyment in hazardous noise environments.

Sperian eyewash solution

Sperian’s personal eyewash solution is available in a 473 or a 946 mL bottle, as well as a single wall-mount station or double wall-mount station for the 946 mL bottle.

Sperian Porta Stream II eyewash station

Sperian Porta Stream II is an emergency eyewash station that offers portability and 15 min of uninterrupted flushing - without costly plumbing.

Sperian Fendall Pure Flow 1000 eyewash station

The Sperian Fendall Pure Flow 1000 emergency eyewash station delivers a contaminant-free and physiologically correct saline solution from factory-sealed cartridges. The system is self-contained and does not require any plumbing.

Sperian AMAX.2 Miners & Rescue harness

The AMAX.2 Miners & Rescue harness is engineered to be used in mining or rescue applications. It features a removable miner’s equipment belt, which incorporates a battery and self-rescuer strap.

Sperian IsoArc protective glove

The IsoArc protective glove is specifically developed for use in low-voltage applications where there is the risk of an arc flash.

Sperian Picguard protective underglove

The Picguard underglove eliminates the risk of needle stick and puncture injury, without compromising on comfort or dexterity.

Sperian SolarPro photochromic protective eyewear

SolarPro is photochromic protective eyewear designed for workers who are required to move between indoor and outdoor environments. Unlike protective eyewear which uses standard lenses, photochromic lenses automatically adjust to changing light conditions and are engineered to switch from a clear lens to a grey lens when exposed to UV light, eliminating the need for workers to carry a separate pair of safety glasses for outdoor use.

Sperian Protection Fall Protection catalogue

A fall protection catalogue that features safety and product information to simplify the selection of the correct type of fall protection equipment in the workplace is now available.

Sperian Protection DuraMaxx goggle

The DuraMaxx goggle with shade 5 green welding lenses helps to minimise eye injuries from welding. The goggle offers protection against welder’s flash and other eyesight hazards associated with welding.

Optrel e1100 powered air-purifying respirator

The Optrel e1100 powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) replaces the OS100 and comes with a high-impact-approved welding helmet, the e680, and can provide comfortable wear for welders.

Sperian Protection respiratory catalogue

Sperian Protection, now part of Honeywell, has recently updated its respiratory catalogue to provide up-to-date information on its entire range of respiratory products. The catalogue offers workplaces a structured product overview and selection guide to make choosing the correct respiratory protection equipment easier.

Howard Leight by Sperian’s QuietDose personal hearing dosimeter

Howard Leight by Sperian’s QuietDose is claimed to be the only personal dosimeter that measures and records a worker’s actual in-ear exposure to noise over an entire work shift.

Sperian Millennia Sport safety eyewear

The Millennia Sport range of safety eyewear features a stylish design and offers wearers a balanced fit and visual comfort while providing good visual protection against a wide range of hazards.

Sperian Millennia Sport safety eyewear

The Millennia Sport range of safety eyewear features a stylish design and offers wearers a balanced fit and visual comfort while providing good visual protection against a wide range of hazards.

Sperian Howard Leight Laser Lite, 300 series and Pilot earplugs

Earplugs that offer too much hearing protection can be as harmful as earplugs that offer too little protection. With many workers compromising their hearing protection in order to better hear their coworkers and warning signals and machinery noises, it is important to select an earplug that won’t overprotect in mild or moderate noise levels.

Miller Huntsman rescue kit

Designed to be set up quickly and easily, the Miller Huntsman rescue kit saves valuable time in the event of rescue and retrieval operations.

Miller TechLine temporary horizontal life line

The Miller TechLine temporary horizontal life line (HLL) provides safety when working at heights.

Sperian Miller Amax.2 full-body work-positioning harness

The Miller Amax.2 full-body work-positioning harness is designed for working in suspension for long periods of time and engineered for safety and comfort, making it the most comfortable full body harness in the company’s fall protection range.

Stanley gloves, eyewear and goggles

WorkEasy WE110 industrial gloves, A700 eyewear, A900 series eyewear and Strategy goggles have been added to the Stanley industrial-style protective equipment range and meet Australian industry safety standards.

Miller DuraHoist confined space range

Additions to the Miller DuraHoist confined space range includes additional height options and flexibility to suit a variety of applications.

Sperian Garden Kit shield kit

Sperian has released the Garden Kit shield kit that can be used by council workers and landscape gardeners for eye, face and hearing protection.

Sperian Miller SkyGrip temporary horizontal lifeline

Engineered to be attached to a steel or concrete structure and using a stanchion-style system, the Miller SkyGrip Temporary Horizontal Lifeline requires minimum effort to install and provides those working at height with continuous fall protection and horizontal mobility.

Sperian New York laser glass protective eyewear

The Sperian New York ISO-certified laser glass protective eyewear has intricate metal accents that create a protective laser-resistant frame.

Sperian Miller ladder grip

The Miller ladder grip is designed to act as both a low-profile ladder bracket and a fall arrest anchor point for one person. The unit attaches permanently to the roof, holding the ladder in place and preventing it from moving or tipping over during use.

Sperian Protection Respiratory Containment Guide

The Respiratory Containment Guide, an interactive web and CD-based contaminant selection guide from Sperian Protection, provides a comprehensive source of information on respiratory protection.

Sperian Miller sharp-edge lanyards and sharp-edge Scorpion fall arrestors

The Miller by Sperian sharp-edge lanyards and sharp-edge Scorpion fall arrestors protect against sharp-edge hazards that lanyards and workers may be exposed to, should a fall take place over a sharp edge.

Sperian Prospector miner’s belt

The Prospector miner’s belt is designed to carry emergency breathing apparatus and other tools and has been engineered to provide safety and to maximise comfort for workers in the underground mining industry.

Biosystems ToxiPro gas monitor

The Biosystems ToxiPro monitor is designed to monitor atmospheric hazards and is fully serviceable and re-usable.

Sperian Soll Xenon Interfix roof bracket and Millerfix anchor point

The Soll Xenon Interfix roof bracket and the Millerfix anchor point have been added to the range of anchorage devices of Miller fall protection products.

Sperian Protection DuraMaxx panoramic safety goggles

The DuraMaxx panoramic safety goggles are designed for long-term comfortable wear. They are manufactured from a lightweight and flexible elastomer body with contoured fit for different facial profiles. The soft-sealing body also provides protection in harsh chemical environments.

Sperian Protection Australia Biosystems IQ6 docking station

The Biosystems IQ6 docking station is fully automated to perform bump tests and calibration, if necessary, of Biosystems PhD6 gas detectors.

Personal fall limiters

The Miller TurboLite Personal Fall Limiters (PFLs) eliminate the need to ‘switch-out’ different fall protection equipment in situations where fall clearances change.

High-impact protection for welders

The only high-impact approved protection for welders is said to have got even better, with the Optrel Galaxy High Impact welding helmet now available in a hard hat version.

IPL safety eyewear

The Lightspeed II glasses are designed specifically for Intense Pulse Light (IPL) practitioners, combining liquid crystal technology from the aerospace and computer technologies with everyday comfort.

Gas detection docking station

Compatible with the Biosystems Multi Pro range of gas detection units, the Multi Pro IQ Express Docking Station is fully automated and features automatic instrument identification.

Air filter system for breathable air

Sperian Protection, a market leader in personal protective equipment, has once again set the industry standard with the introduction of the new Clearflow 2 Filter System.

In-ear dosimetry

The Howard Leight QuietDose personal dosimeter measures and records in-ear exposure to noise, measuring the actual noise levels reaching a worker’s eardrums in real time, over an entire work day, providing personalised data to create a hearing conservation program for each worker.

Single use foam earplugs

Laser Lite Single Use Foam Earplugs are one of many hearing protection options from Howard Leight.

Docking stations for gas analysers

The Biosystems Toxi Pro/Toxi Ltd IQ Express docking stations are compatible with the Toxi Ltd and the Toxi Pro gas analysers respectively.

Fall protection for 'hot work'

Miller Fall Protection has carried out a great deal of research on heat resistant materials. Using these new materials has enabled the company to both revise their current designs and to add a number of new designs, both for harnesses and lanyards.

Chainmesh PPE

The Sperian Protection chainmesh range includes gloves, aprons and tunics made from high-quality stainless steel to strict ISO 9002 safety standards.

Honeywell PHD6 multigas detector

The Biosystems PHD6 multigas detector features: five sensor ports; up to six channels of detection; and 18 sensor options, including electrochemical, LEL, PID and infrared sensors.

Multi gas detector

Featuring 5 sensor ports, up to 6 channels of detection and 18 sensor options including electrochemical, LEL, PID and Infrared, the PHD6 is suitable for just about any type of gas monitoring situation.

Portable testing device

VeriPRO is a portable testing device that can measure actual attenuation levels.

Stylish and modern safety eyewear

Compromising style for safety is a thing of the past, thanks to the new range of A900 Series eyewear from Sperian Protection.

PHD6 multigas detector

The Biosystems PHD6 multigas detector features: five sensor ports; up to six channels of detection; and 18 sensor options, including electrochemical, LEL, PID and infrared sensors.

Fall arrest retrofit

The SÖLL Vi-Go is a vertical cable system that can be retrofitted onto existing climbing devices such as ladders and rungs.

Welding helmet

Featuring a black and white tribal design, the P450 Tribe offers the same features as the Sperian Optrel Star Helmet.

Earplug attenuation analysis

The Howard Leight VeriPRO system measures real-world attenuation of unmodified earplugs and can be used as a means to improve individual employee training and enhance the overall effectiveness of hearing conservation programs. The technology enables safety managers to ensure employees are getting the most out of their hearing protection devices.

Honeywell Safety eyewear

Sperian has launched a range of safety protection eyewear. The first in the series, the Ignite eyewear, are frameless lenses with sporty lines. Offering comfort, protection and style in a lightweight, sleek, frameless design, the Ignite also features dual nine-base, wraparound unilenses to deliver close eye coverage and safety.

Honeywell Safety Products Tower harness

The Revolution tower harness comes with a rear dorsal dee ring with 300 mm extension for fall arrest attachment, along with frontal fall arrest attachment, confined space loops and pelvic dee rings for work positioning.

Ear plug

The SMF-30A SmartFit earplug utilises 'conforming material' technology that enables the plug to adapt to the contours of the wearer's ear canal for greater comfort and longer wear time. As it warms up, it takes on the shape of the surrounding ear canal.

Cut-resistant gloves

Dyneema fibres have been approved for use in gloves for the food processing industry. In the highly cut-resistant Tuffshield Evolution gloves from Perfect Fit, a brand of the Bacou-Dalloz group, the ultra strong fibre from DSM is used in a composite yarn which combines level five cut resistance with anti-bacterial performance.

Detectable, reusable earplugs

The reusable SmartFit line of earplugs has been extended to include two detectable versions and one with a cotton fibre cord.

Self-retracting lifeline

Miller Falcon self-retracting lifelines (SRLs) are available in 6.2, 10, 15, and 20 m models in galvanised wire rope. The SRL features a high impact-resistant, nylon housing with durable, smooth-round edges.

Earplug dispenser

The Howard Leight LS-400 Leight Source earplug dispenser is built out of durable plastic and designed for wall mounting or tabletop use. It provides an easy and convenient way for workers to access hearing protectors. In addition, purchasing bulk dispenser refills eliminates packaging waste.

Welding helmets

The intelligent sensor technology of the Optrel Orion OSE welding helmet face shield automatically adjusts the shade level between DIN 9 to 13 depending on the measured light intensity of the arc; the user has the option of fine tuning or customising this automatic adjustment by +/- shade level.

Bilsom hearing protection

The Bilsom range of hearing protection products includes earmuffs and disposable, reusable, corded and detectable earplugs in both Standard and NST (Natural Sound Technology) versions.



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