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Australian Warehouse Solutions Pty Ltd

Phone: 1800 023 890
Fax: 1800 246 551
15 Fulcrum Street , Richlands QLD 4077 (Directions)


AWS high-profile speed hump

AWS has speed humps that conform to Australian Standards AS 2890.1 2004 and are made to withstand a high amount of traffic.

Fromm AWS polyester (PET) embossed strapping

The Fromm embossed strap is manufactured to endure shock force and is supplied with certified tensile strength and breaking strains to prevent damage to product during transport and storage. The company claims that tools and machines perform better with the embossed polyester straps and that there is less wear and greater seal-joint efficiency.

Australian Warehouse Solutions dunnage bags

Australian Warehouse Solutions’ dunnage bags are inflatable pillows that wedge between the pallets and walls of the container so it cannot move during transit. They are environmentally friendly and have the claimed fastest inflation time.

Safe shrink-wrapping

The Rhino Shrinkwrap Gun is designed to provide added safety for workers who perform shrink-wrapping functions in applications such as pallet wrapping for heavy loads like tiles and bricks, to keep out dust and moisture from sensitive products, to prevent product damage and to deter theft.

Sheets to column-stack pallets safely

Stabulon anti-slip sheets allow palletised goods to be column-stacked with stability, by distributing the load so the bottom cases support the upper tiers and prevent vibrations.

Expandable safety barrier

The Rhino expandable safety barrier is a portable solution to prevent unwanted access to restricted areas. The barrier stretches to 3.5 m when fully expanded and is 950 mm high.

Pallet sheeting

The Stabulon Anti-slip sheets are placed between pallet layers to protect goods from damage and minimise pallet slippage. By holding the pallets in position and minimising movement caused by the vibrations of nearby machinery, the sheets improve stability and safety during the loading, unloading and handling of palletised goods.



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