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Ansell is a global leader in protective gloves and apparel for almost every industry. Ansell's range includes cut resistant, chemical resistant, general purpose, food handling and specialty gloves, which provide protection against many industrial hazards. To check out the Ansell range for yourself visit or phone Ansell on 1800 337 041.

Phone: 1800 337 041
Fax: 1800 803 578
Level 3/678 Victoria Street , Richmond VIC 3121 (Directions)


Ansell AlphaTec 58-735 chemical gloves with cut resistance

The AlphaTec 58-735 is Ansell's first chemical glove with cut protection.

Ansell HyFlex 11-542 F cut glove

The Ansell HyFlex 11-542 is an F cut glove, providing the highest cut protection possible.

Ansell Microflex 93-260 thin chemical-resistant disposable glove

The Ansell Microflex 93-260 thin, chemical-resistant disposable glove offers tough protection against a broad range of chemicals, while still providing the dexterity and tactility of a thin, disposable glove.

Ansell Microflex 93-856 high-visibility, single-use gloves

The Ansell Microflex 93-856 high-visibility, single-use gloves are suitable for workers in high-risk, heavy-duty environments where there is a danger of contamination from hazardous substances, pathogens and other harmful materials.

Ansell HyFlex suite cut protection gloves

The Ansell HyFlex suite of hand protection gloves is engineered with INTERCEPT Cut Resistance Technology to protect workers from cut risks.

Ansell Microflex single-use gloves

Ansell has introduced the Microflex single-use gloves to the Australian market and will progressively unfold six distinct styles from its range of disposable hand protection products.

Ansell HyFlex 11-926 lightweight, oil-repellent glove

The lightweight, oil-repellent Ansell HyFlex 11-926 glove provides protection while helping retain grip on small, oil-coated parts and assembly components.

Ansell Hyflex 11-818 gloves

The Ansell HyFlex 11-818 glove provides lightweight comfort, high abrasion resistance and good durability, which is critical for industries such as automotive assembly.

Ansell HyFlex 11-840 Multi-Purpose gloves

The Ansell HyFlex 11-840 Multi-Purpose gloves are designed to provide safety, precision and comfort.

Ansell HyFlex 11-820 glove

The HyFlex 11-820 glove addresses the problems of worn coatings and dirty liners workers often experience with their conventional gloves.

Ansell HyFlex 11-518 ultralight cut-resistant glove

Providing wearers with a bare hand-like sensation without compromising cut protection or performance, the ultralight HyFlex 11-518 glove is rated for EN Index 3 cut protection, making it suitable for precision handling and assembly of sharp, dry, ultrafine parts.

Ansell ActivArmr Combat and Combat Extended Cuff gloves

ActivArmr Combat and Combat Extended Cuff gloves are comfortable and dextrous, designed and engineered for use in all types of environments and across a wide range of general and soldier-specific tasks.

Ansell Touch N Tuff splash-resistant gloves

The Touch N Tuff gloves are designed to protect workers from chemical splashes. They have been extensively tested for protection from commonly used hazardous industrial chemicals by the independent European laboratory Centexbel. The test results have shown a high level of protection for workers in industries such as chemicals, cosmetics manufacturing, automotive production, laboratories and pharmaceutical industries, as well as food processing, dry cleaning, cleaning products, inks and dyes.

Ansell HyFlex 11-630 glove for handling sharp objects or components

Ansell’s HyFlex 11-630 glove has been designed to boost productivity by workers who are required to handle sharp objects or components. The liners of the glove have a yarn structure that contains HPPE (higher performance polyethylene), which improves performance as it aids impact strength.

Guardian safety management program

The Guardian management program is designed to help companies improve safety in their workplaces. The program assesses each unit’s particular needs, compares these to the existing safety solutions and then selects the best glove for each job.

Ansell HyFlex11-618 glove

The HyFlex11-618 glove is claimed to address the need for hand protection in work environments where workers requiring a high level of dexterity often avoid using gloves, despite the risk of scrapes, blisters and minor injuries.

Ansell AlphaTec 58-270 chemical-resistant, liquid-proof glove

Ansell has launched the AlphaTec 58-270 lightweight chemical-resistant, liquid-proof glove designed to enable the handling of oily and slippery parts.

Ansell Polar Bear blade cut-resistant glove

Ansell’s Polar Bear glove is made from an engineered-yarn core and a high-strength outer wrap that provides protection from cuts, while the extended anti-shrink cuff gives added comfort for shift-long productivity. The glove is designed for the hand protection of workers in meat and poultry processing, food service industries, meat packing and in refrigerated areas such as chillers and marshalling areas.

Ansell PowerFlex 80-813 flame- and cut-resistant glove

Ansell has launched what is claimed to be the first glove to combine high levels of flame resistance, cut protection and comfort. The PowerFlex 80-813 glove is constructed using inherently flame-resistant composite materials designed to provide the highest level of flame resistance as measured by the relevant EN 407 standards.

Ansell Touch N Tuff gloves

The Ansell Touch N Tuff gloves provide protection for production workers at risk from commonly used hazardous industrial chemicals. The gloves are suitable for workers in industries such as chemicals, cosmetics manufacturing, automotive production, laboratories and pharmaceutical industries, as well as food processing, dry cleaning, cleaning products, inks and dyes and for maintenance and fitting applications and, in the mining industry, for maintenance and refuelling.

Ansell Protection Solutions Guide

The Ansell Protection Solutions Guide can be used to simplify the glove selection process by coupling information with comparison charts and application images.

Ansell Vantage gloves for cut protection

Vantage gloves are suitable for work environments where sharp tools and materials are handled and are said to provide maximum safety, dexterity, durability and comfort.

Ansell AlphaTec refuellers’ gloves

AlphaTec gloves are suitable for personnel who are required to refuel aircraft, tanks and other equipment. The gloves meet all Australian Defence Force requirements, including chemical hazard standard EN 374-1:2003 (AS/NZS 2161.10.1:2005).

Ansell Healthcare AlphaTec gloves

The AlphaTec gloves combine high levels of grip on wet or lubricated surfaces, while offering chemical protection to give workers the grip and control to perform tasks without risking injury from slipping objects or muscular injury caused by sudden movement to retrieve slipping objects.

Ansell Healthcare Solvex nitrile gloves

Solvex nitrile gloves have been developed to protect workers in daily contact with various hazardous substances by reducing their risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals and fluids that can penetrate into the blood through the skin and then be conveyed to the nervous system, brain, liver, kidneys or other vital organs.

Ansell HyFlex 11-628 Dyneema glove

The HyFlex 11-628 Dyneema glove is designed to protect the hands, wrists and forearms of people who work in industries such as paper and print, metal fabrication, plastics injection and moulding, and glass, bottle and automotive manufacturing.

Glove for wet or dry conditions

The PowerFlex 80-100 glove is designed for day-long comfort for people working in wet or dry conditions across a range of handling and carrying applications.

Cut-resistant glove

The HyFlex 111-435 glove is designed to provide high-level hand protection and day-long comfort for people required to handle slightly oily parts, glass, sharp objects, components, sheet metal and ceramics in industries such as automotive manufacture, mining, metal fabrication, glass and transport.

Disposable gloves

The proFood Safe-Knit disposable nitrile glove is a medium-weight, cut-resistant glove made with Dyneema yarn.

Vibraguard anti-vibration gloves

Vibraguard gloves are designed to minimise the risks and effects of hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) in the workplace.

Full-finger guard

The full-fingered VibraGuard is designed for tasks involving vibrations at frequency levels greater than 300 Hz.

Ansell cut-resistant glove

The Ansell cut-resistant glove range comes in a wide array of styles and designs, offering a high level of protection, performance and comfort. PawGard has been added to the range, it offers cutting edge protection, made from multiple strands of high-tech Spectra that is ten times stronger than steel.

Safety website

The Ansell Chemsafe website,, is a reference tool for Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) professionals, employers and employees responsible for selecting the correct protective gloves for chemical handling applications. The website includes a comprehensive chemical handling guide and lists over 160 chemicals and critical information that ensures safe glove selection; OH&S data provides an insight into the costs associated with workplace injuries.


Closing the loophole on hand safety conformance

In recent revisions to the Australian and New Zealand occupational protective glove standard, mandatory independent testing and certification has come under scrutiny.

National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA) appoints training services partner (AN 0004)

The National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA) recently appointed Ansell as its official training services partner to provide students with accurate information and guidance on hand safety PPE.

White Papers

Specialist engineering delivers fit-for-purpose protection

Discover the main accidents and injury that lead to serious worker compensation claims in your industry. Learn about next-level hand protection that does not interfere with the tasks at hand, so that your workers will never have to choose between performance and protection.

Safety briefing — protection from petrochemicals

In this white paper, learn how to safeguard your workforce by examining hazards in the petrochemical industry, exposure risks and effects, strategic safety management and PPE.

Why leather is unsuitable for hand protection

Learn about the erroneous beliefs that have given leather an undeserved reputation and why purpose-designed and built is better.

Advanced protection for cut and chemical

Provision of unsuitable protection, or an environment that encourages workers to ‘double glove’ — to wear separate cut and chemical gloves simultaneously — when faced with multiple exposures, will often lead to non-compliance of personal protective equipment (PPE) policy.

Cut level rating differences and suitability by application

The 2016 revision of the EN388 Mechanical Protection standard, which governs protective gloves and sleeves, introduced a range of modifications designed to enable safety managers to confidently identify the best option for their specific requirements.

How to find the right hand protection for your workforce

Selecting appropriate hand protection for the workforce is a balancing act. Safety managers need to consider disparate — and sometimes contradictory — factors to determine the best choice.

Regulations for hand protection in your industry have changed

The new EN374 chemical and microorganism protection guidelines are in effect – do you understand the changes?

Advanced glove innovations maximise protection and agility

This breakthrough solution delivers advanced protection, performance and value for those working under a range of hazardous chemicals — without sacrificing the dexterity and comfort typically lost with thicker glove options.

The unseen costs of skimping on hand protection equipment

Some industries, such as mining, are more prone to workplace injury than others. Cheap promises of reduced expenditure can lead to substantial financial consequences. Hand protection needs to be assessed on the extent to which it reduces worker injury and subsequent costs, not simply as a product with a desirable price point.

Gloves and chemicals – make the right choice

Selecting the best chemical glove protection for the task at hand is anything but easy. There are over 60 million registered chemicals — and every unique set of chemicals requires specific chemical protection.

A guide to cut protection

It's important for health and safety managers to know about the rating systems used to classify hand safety PPE and which organisations are responsible for setting the standards. This knowledge will assist when determining the protective equipment needed for their employees and help reduce the number of workplace injuries.

A guide to EN Standards for gloves

Hand injuries are the main contributor to overall injuries sustained by workers in Australia. It is therefore important that both employers and employees are well-versed in standards for protective gloves. This white paper provides detailed insights on different risk categories and standards for protective gloves.



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