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Air-Met Scientific

Established in 1984, Air-Met is Australia’s market leader in the supply, service, rental and engineering of workplace OHS and environmental monitoring solutions. Air-Met’s range encompasses the breadth of safety and monitoring for many industries and applications, with equipment for gas, dust, radiation and noise monitoring, and more.

Branches: QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, WA

Phone: 1800 000 744
Fax: 1800 000 774
7-11 Ceylon Street , Nunawading VIC 3131 (Directions)


Electromagnetic radiation meter

The SRM 3000Narda Alert XT is a selective radiation meter designed especially for evaluating safety considerations involving electromagnetic fields.

Single gas monitor

GasBadge Plus is a maintenance-free, single gas monitor with a two-year lifespan, designed for personal protection from unsafe levels of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, nitrogen dioxide or sulfur dioxide.

Opacity monitor

The DynOptic Systems SM-202 opacity monitor is a dust particle and smoke monitoring system designed for use in industrial applications.

Mercury vapour analyser

The RA 915 Light mercury vapour analyser is designed to respond quickly in emergency situations to mercury spills in industrial environments.

Electric and magnetic field meter

The Narda NBM-550 broadband field meter takes measurements of non-ionising radiation to establish human safety in workplace environments where high electric or magnetic field strengths are likely to occur, such as in broadcast, military or medical applications.

Industrial dust monitor

The DynOptic Systems DSL-1000 opacity monitor is a dust particle and smoke monitoring system designed for use in industrial applications such as combustion processors, power stations, industrial boilers, furnaces, cement works, tunnels and underground car parks.

Vibration monitors

The Quest Technologies HAVPro basic vibration monitor is a simple and integrated system to quantify and qualify hand-arm and whole-body vibration exposures from power hand tools, transportation and other equipment.

Toxic gas sensors

The Bionics toxic gas sensors are available for the detection of a wide range of toxic, corrosive and flammable gases.
The detectors are housed in IP65-rated cases, allowing installation in both outdoors and harsh environments.

Electromagnetic radiation monitor

The RadMan XT high-frequency electromagnetic radiation personal monitor is small and compact. It alerts the user through visual and acoustic warning signals when exposure to electromagnetic fields exceed threshold values.



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