Hand protection against chemicals and cut risks

Tuesday, 01 May, 2018

Hand protection against chemicals and cut risks

Industrial settings present a range of hazards that potentially threaten worker safety. This is amplified when multiple risk factors are present, such as exposure to chemical substances or other liquids, coupled with cut risk.

Till now, safety managers have been required to employ a ‘one-glove-fits-all-applications’ mentality, or to focus solely on the primary hazard when determining the appropriate hand protection alternative. This approach is ultimately flawed — and may even introduce new risks — because it usually entails compromise in vital areas such as comfort, dexterity and grip.

The provision of unsuitable protection, or an environment that encourages workers to ‘double-glove’ — to wear separate cut and chemical protective gloves simultaneously — when faced with multiple exposures, will often lead to non-compliance of personal protective equipment (PPE) policy. This unnecessarily opens workers up to increased risk of harm and can have serious detrimental impact on productivity and profitability.

Fortunately, continual advances in technology are delivering material improvements that assist in development of superior specialist hand protection solutions, rendering obsolete the need to choose between one hazard or another.

Introducing AlphaTec 58-735

The AlphaTec 58-735 is Ansell’s first chemical glove with cut protection (ISO Cut Level C). It has a nitrile coating for broad chemical protection and is designed with ANSELL GRIP Technology for the handling of wet or oily parts — which allows for less force and optimal control and confidence when gripping in oily or wet environments, further reducing hand fatigue and enhancing worker comfort.

It also has a longer cuff the user can fold, so that chemicals do not run up their arm. It also has a HI-VIZ INTERCEPT liner, which acts as an indicator when its shell is compromised. Opting for a solution constructed from high-visibility fabric also increases awareness of hand location in low light conditions, ensuring workers are both seen and safe.

Designed with ANSELL GRIP Technology to handle wet and oily parts, the AlphaTec 58-735 ensures workers feel equipped for the task at hand.

To request a sample or for more information on AlphaTec 58-735, click here.

Ansell Guardian

Selection of the most suitable hand protection selection can be complex, so consider utilising a facility such as Ansell’s Guardian service, designed to provide the optimum solution based on a personalised assessment of the unique exposure conditions in a user’s application.

Ansell Guardian is a proprietary service that helps companies identify the right PPE solutions, improving safety, productivity and cost performance. Rather than taking a scattergun approach to selection, conducting a personalised prescribed assessment, which accounts for specific application and environmental conditions, allows companies to consolidate PPE and ensure safety requirements are met without extraneous expenditure.

Ansell established the service in 2014. Since then, we have helped our clients reduce injury rates by 65%, on average. That means a safer and more productive workforce.

No matter what business, industry or application, Ansell can tailor and adapt solutions based on data-driven analytics. By focusing on the most relevant areas, Ansell Guardian can deliver best practice recommendations with the most impact for our customers’ businesses.

For more information on Ansell Guardian, visit: http://www.ansell.com/en/Services.

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