Well-fitted respirators encourage regular PPE use

Scott Safety

Monday, 25 September, 2017

Well-fitted respirators encourage regular PPE use

Every year, thousands of workers experience breathing or lung problems related to poorly fitted respiratory equipment.

Workers who are uncomfortable with their PPE are less likely to wear it, meaning that their work safety is compromised.

Scott Safety is working to eradicate this problem by developing a half-mask that is easy and comfortable to use while providing complete respiratory protection, low breathing resistance, and increased comfort and fit security.

The AVIVA range of half-mask respirators is a global product range, engineered and manufactured in Australia and the UK.

The mask features and design are the result of requests from customers for an innovative, extremely comfortable half-mask respirator of good build quality and durability at an affordable price.

“The result is a safety product that workers want to wear — rather than have to wear — because it’s comfortable and easy to fit and breathe through; plus the innovative reflex seal allows you to talk while wearing the mask without compromising the face seal,” said Sanya Kranenburg, product manager at Scott Safety.

To improve durability and ease of cleaning, the mask incorporates an overmoulded endoskeleton covered in a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that gives silicone-like comfort without the limitations of silicone. The mask also incorporates a positive fit-check button that reassures wearers of a secure fit whenever they use the mask.

“The focus on comfort and innovative features — such as the integrated voice panel, reflex seal, soft head cradle and down-facing exhale valve cover — means that workers are more likely to comply with safety requirements by wearing the mask throughout their day and keeping it in place, even when talking,” said Kranenburg.

AVIVA offers protection against hazards including particulates, dusts, mists, gases, vapours, bacteria and viruses. It is suitable for use across industries, including automotive and transport spray-painting; removal of asbestos and construction dusts including silica; bulk handling and process engineering; agricultural and horticultural sprays and dusts; food and beverage processing; manufacturing and chemicals; metalworking and welding; mining and extractive industries; oil and gas processing; infrastructure and port processing facilities; water and wastewater facilities; and maintenance.

AVIVA comes in small, medium and large sizes and has been designed using the latest biometric data panels to fit a high percentage of different face sizes and shapes globally, while also adjusting for facial expressions.

“Ensuring worker compliance with PPE requirements is a universal challenge, so a critical objective of Scott Safety’s AVIVA half-mask design was ensuring all-day wearing comfort, improved speech intelligibility and PPE integration so that workers keep their respirator fitted throughout their workday,” said Kranenburg.

Image courtesy of Scott Safety

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