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Software-based COVID-19 controls help protect onsite workers

Wednesday, 08 July, 2020 | Supplied by: OneLook Systems

Software-based COVID-19 controls help protect onsite workers

Many essential businesses — particularly manufacturers in the food and beverage, medical device and pharmaceutical sectors — are currently faced with a unique situation: in order to maintain operations and keep vital supplies open at the coronavirus (COVID-19) front lines, they are required to have key workers, contractors and visitors onsite. In such cases, ensuring proper compliance and operating procedures are adhered to is more important than ever. Software company OneLook Systems has developed a solution designed to help.

Vital companies at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19, such as those in the pharmaceutical sector, “may need to continue to bring employees that are currently working remotely, as well as outside contractors, onsite daily ... [and] must have absolute confidence that every single contractor or visitor has adhered to their COVID-19 standard operating procedures”, Pat King, Chief Executive Officer of OneLook Systems, said.

“Making sure they are adequately trained and are compliant with the new procedures before they arrive onsite is the key. Once they are onsite it is too late. This is where the software-based controls that OneLook Systems provides are proving so invaluable,” King added. Specifically, OneLook Systems has launched its ‘SafePermit FrontDoor’ solution, which is intended to assist organisations in keeping their workplaces safe and healthy by providing the means to ensure that there are COVID-19-specific controls in place. The system can be in place within 48 hours and does not require any additional hardware or software to be installed.

It works to decrease COVID-19-related risks by ensuring that contractors and visitors are not allowed onsite until they are fully trained in COVID-19 procedures, with all contractors being automatically notified to access online safety procedure policy and symptom awareness videos and questions before coming onsite, and with robust electronic work process controls in place that make sure planned onsite work is essential and in line with an organisation’s processes.

The solution is designed to give an organisation’s health and safety professionals confidence that all contracting companies, small or large, are wholly compliant with their COVID-19 training and standards, with all contractor companies looking to perform work onsite being required to successfully complete questionnaires and attain documentation approval before being eligible to work onsite. The solution also aims to offer organisations certainty that any onsite worker has been checked for proof of booking, verification identification and other relevant checks for security approval, which is intended to ensure the safety of site employees. If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, electronic records also allow the organisation to quickly retrieve all contractor and visitor details, including locations of work.

OneLook Systems believe their solution is not only of use to companies who are staying operational amid COVID-19 restrictions, but also for those who are preparing to reopen their distribution centres, manufacturing sites and office locations. To assist companies with getting back to work as quickly and safely as possible, the SafePermit FrontDoor solution includes steps to speed up the return-to-work process while also reducing the risk of unnecessary exposure, such as through clearly defined risk controls and remote monitoring.

All new users of the solution will also benefit from the assistance of customer success personnel, who will be on hand during the rollout and will train key personnel via virtual classrooms. “In these chaotic times, ensuring the health and safety of people is a high priority,” Brendan Griffin, Chief Operating Officer at OneLook Systems, said. “OneLook Systems can help organisations across the globe to continue to operate as normally as possible.”

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