What is the safest hi-vis colour?


Thursday, 19 July, 2018

What is the safest hi-vis colour?

On an industrial site, workers are required to wear brightly coloured hi-vis apparel in order to improve their safety.

Anti-slip markings are also usually a bright colour, such as yellow, to make them more easily seen by workers.

However, it would seem that it is actually a shade of bright green that is most visible to the human eye in natural light and darker environments. The human eye is most relaxed when looking at this vibrant green, making it instantly recognisable without the strain caused by looking at other bright colours.

This was discovered by Amco when a mining company contacted them to request green-coloured anti-slip stair nosings.

The company made up a number of nosings and trialled them in a variety of environments, including artificially lit areas at night. While red dirt quickly discoloured yellow cappings, the green stood out much more clearly. It also found that if just one pixel of this green colour was placed amidst 100,000 grey ones, it could still be seen.

In most industries yellow is the norm, and it is often seen on the handrails, toolboxes, hardhats, dozers, walls and warning signs. However, there are many stairs in a plant, and it is easy for fatigued operators to become disoriented and strained when looking at a sea of yellow and grey all day.

The Amco Nano555 Gripmaster Nosings have therefore been labelled not just as hi-vis, but “higher-vis”. The company now provides all anti-slip products with the colour green as standard. These nosings can be made in a gal, stainless 316 or aluminium backing — and formed into ladder caps, stair nosings, plates and C-Stud for conveyor walkways and inclines.

Image courtesy of Amco.

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