Machinery Safety Evaluation service by Pilz

Pilz Australia Industrial Automation LP
Tuesday, 01 August, 2023

Machinery Safety Evaluation service by Pilz

Whether you’re an EHS Manager who needs to quickly identify the biggest hazards of your machinery for your personnel, an engineer planning for machinery retrofit, or a Plant Manager who needs to ensure the entire plant and machinery are in compliance with the current standards, the Machinery Safety Evaluation service by Pilz is the answer.

Machinery Safety Evaluation provides a quick yet comprehensive overview of the safety and compliance status of machinery with a priority list. This service is designed for projects from 10 machines and more and aimed to bridge the gap between a risk assessment and a plant assessment. It provides an overview of the machine safety status with lesser details than a full Risk Assessment against the ISO 12100 standard and more details compared to the Pilz Plant Assessment.

The MSE service entails the on-site assessment of machinery in a plant considering the relevant safety and compliance specifications. In the process, Pilz not only considers the standards and directives applicable at the machine’s place of use or destination but, on request, can also consider the customers’ individual, in-house specifications. As a result, one can obtain a simple, fast overview of the safety and conformity status of plant or machinery via a clear, comprehensive software-based dashboard. In addition, a prioritised set of measures with the suggested actions offers a quick path to a safer and more secure plant. Pilz also provides the option to implement these safety measures in place, if needed.

Depending on the specific needs of the customer, Pilz provides two levels of service packages for its “Machinery Safety Evaluation”. While level 1 checks the conformity of the safety status and lists recommended actions to reduce risk, level 2 also includes an evaluation of the main risks and reviews the documentation.

Pilz provides a conformity overview in accordance with specific company requirements, evaluates the maximum performance level (PLr) achievable for the tested subfunctions, and has the option to have a cost estimate for a potential upgrade. What’s more interesting is that, if a specific machine is used at several locations, the evaluation results for one machine can be transferred to similar machines. With “Machinery Safety Evaluation”, receive a particularly efficient conformity assessment.

About Pilz

Pilz is a leading global supplier of safe, secure, complete automation solutions — products, systems, and services. Headquartered in Germany for 75 years, and operating in Australia for 25 years and counting, solutions by Pilz are backed by extensive knowledge and expertise in various industries focused on the stringent demands of safety, security, and automation technologies.

Pilz Australia has a dedicated local team combined of sales, support, and services engineers located along the Australian east coast, as well as a strong network of sales partners, distributors, and integrators spread across the country. We provide viable solutions to industries varying in size and complexity including Original Equipment Manufacturers, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Packaging, Materials Handling, Building Products, Rail, Ports, Oil and Gas, Energy, Mining, Robotics and more.

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