Discover how ASICS Oceania used fans to improve the working conditions of their warehouse

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Friday, 01 September, 2023

Discover how ASICS Oceania used fans to improve the working conditions of their warehouse

There is no doubt that we are all feeling the pressures of supply chain and demand. Everything is taking longer than usual and much of it comes down to factors that are out of our immediate control. What the average consumer forgets to consider is the manpower that is needed to meet the demand — AKA supply chains need people!

Without the power of a strong team, work ultimately grinds to a halt. Now, as business owners we all know this is not something that we can just accept — No! We need to find more efficient and economical ways to keep employees happy and safe while at work.

One of the most common workplace disputes between an employer and employee is the conditions in which employees are expected to work under. This can be more directly linked to issues around heat exposure.

The spectrum of heat related illnesses can vary from minor heat rashes to more serious issues such as heat exhaustion. Obviously overheating and heat stress are major workplace safety concerns, but a study by Helsinki University of Technology in Finland found that even at temperatures of 25°C, worker performance starts to decrease.

Productivity losses vary by climate zone, with warmer zones seeing larger losses, but on average, annual productivity losses decreased by 17% with the addition of elevated air speed (at 160 fpm, or 0.81 m/s). So we know fans can directly impact productivity. For every additional 1°C increase in temperature, you’ll lose another 2% in workers’ performance.

OK, so you want to know how to keep employees in a comfortable and safe working environment, without breaking the bank/budget.

Here’s a real-life example of how we (Big Ass Fans) used fans to cool down working conditions and increase packing rates.

We recently worked with ASICS Oceania to install fans for temperature regulation in their warehouse.

We were able to model the impact of fans on their 25,000 square-metre distribution centre, accounting for their equipment, walls, forklifts and racking. So we knew before installation that the right fans would allow the workers to feel as though the temperature has dropped from 28 degrees to 25 degrees, increasing productivity by 8%.

After going ahead with the fan installation, ASICS has now seen an increase in pick rates of 5 units per hour during hotter months, equating to roughly $2000 per week of additional revenue. So they’ve paid off the fan installation costs in just 6 months.

Fans make our natural cooling mechanisms more efficient. So air movement reduces the likelihood of heat-related illnesses and accidents by making employees feel cooler and more comfortable. When workers feel cooler in a warehouse, they’re better able to focus on their jobs and not become easily fatigued. An investment in large, industrial fans for warehouses can be an investment in future-proofing a facility against unpredictable weather patterns, and lead to better employee retention through improving worker comfort and conditions.

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