Hydro Innovations Venturi-Aeration unit

Tuesday, 14 May, 2019 | Supplied by: Hydro Innovations

The Hydro Innovations Venturi-Aeration unit is an aerator that can be used in conjunction with a self-priming pump. The self-priming pump draws water from the lagoon (or tank), accelerates it through the aerator and pumps highly oxygenated water back into the lagoon. The aerator uses the ‘venturi’ effect to draw upwards of 2.2 times more air than the volume of liquid pumped, before intensely mixing the air and water in the unit’s ‘oxidising zone’.

Although capable of delivering up to 1.86 kg of O2/kWh, the benefit is in the greatly reduced WHS issues. Because all monitoring and maintenance is done on the bank of the lagoon or side of the tank, the risks associated with ‘boating’ to units, and with the use of overhead cranes to access them, are eliminated.

Another advantage of the system is the installation simplicity. Some aeration upgrades to lagoons can take weeks or months to complete, along with the risks associated with working over polluted water. The Venturi-Aeration system with pump only requires a slab at the side of the lagoon.

Online: www.hydroinnovations.com.au
Phone: 02 9898 1800
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