Failsafe manual reset thermostats

Thursday, 18 September, 2008

The KMF series of failsafe thermostats monitor temperatures in furnaces, ovens, kilns, boilers or any application where an overtemperature condition would result in a critical failure.

These thermostats work on the principle of liquid expansion from a bulb into a capillary which actuates a microswitch contact. If the set temperature is reached, the thermostat contacts switch and the unit latches out, with the contact switching generally used to shut down the system and return it to a safe state. The thermostat is reset manually by a pushbutton once the overtemperature condition has cleared.

In the event of damage to the capillary or bulb, the contacts open and return to their safe state. Switching setpoint is set via a calibrated dial. Two temperature ranges are available: 20-150°C and 50-300°C.

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