Deserti-Meccanica LASS series ball/roller bearing-type torque limiters

Wednesday, 11 May, 2016 | Supplied by: PT Link Sales Pty Ltd

The Deserti-Meccanica LASS series ball/roller bearing-type torque limiters are safety devices that protect mechanical transmissions and relevant assemblies subjected to repeated overloading or any event caused by incorrect operating conditions.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications, the series provides precision machinery protection by operating a series of balls (or rollers) in one side of the device (control element) that rests in mating sockets or detents in a pressure flange on the opposite side. The control element attaches to the driven shaft while the driven component attaches to the pressure flange (sometimes called the thrust flange).

The entire device rotates with the driven machine until an overload occurs, at which point the two mating halves of the device move axially apart against the spring force. The balls slide out of the detents, letting the two halves rotate relative to each other. The product then disengages at a preset torque value.

Tripping of the limiters is total and definitive, causing transmission to stop mechanically. It also stops the drive unit by means of an electrical device (micro switch). This device is equipped with a ‘feeler’ in contact with the surface of the limiter’s mobile half-coupling. The series operates from a range of 23 to 2000 Nm.

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