Streamlining safety processes with EHS software

Monday, 26 June, 2023 | Supplied by: SafetyIQ

Streamlining safety processes with EHS software

As part of Palfinger’s commitment to enhancing operator safety and efficiency, it sought to evolve its current safety processes.

An international company with over 12,600 employees across more than 30 manufacturing sites, Palfinger has a worldwide sales and service network of approximately 5000 service points.

The company’s aerial lift trucks department approached SafetyIQ with the goal of increasing compliance and adjusting to a preventive — rather than a reactive — safety strategy.

Previously, the department’s operations did not have one single platform from which to monitor HSE indicators, and issues were not tracked before they reoccurred. This impacted not only safety, but production as well. Without the ability to analyse results, the department was unable to implement evidence-based measures to improve the safety of its workforce.

After the software was deployed, SafetyIQ’s comprehensive EHS solution was not only able to capture data in a single location — but also successfully transformed Palfinger’s safety processes.

Rather than relying on a single safety contact to undertake all safety procedures, employees can now manage audits, inspections, incidents and observations in the field — from any device. This has made processes more efficient, as well as engaging every employee in contributing to overall health and safety within the company.

For example, if staff see a hazard in the field, any person can quickly report it on the app. Instead of waiting for an accident to happen, the safety team is alerted with all the information that is needed to investigate and assign remediation. In addition, all safety data now feeds directly into the custom-built reporting dashboards that highlight safety trends, and provides a means to implement informed measures and reduce incidents.

“Long gone are the days of using spreadsheets and paper forms. Using the software has simplified administrative duties tremendously,” said Matt Giordano, HSE Manager at Palfinger.

Since implementing the solution, Palfinger has witnessed an increase in productivity, and the entire workforce is now engaged with efficient safety processes. The safety team is also now able to focus on the analysis of safety trends and data insights. This enables them to effectively improve the safety of every employee, and make use of preventive, proactive measures.

“Workers comp direct cost alone has been reduced by almost $1 million in the last two years, so I would say there is plenty of evidence of what a good safety management system can do to benefit a company,” said Kelli MacDonald-Risner, Regional HSE Manager at Palfinger.

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