How one piece of software can help you grow your safety consulting business

Tuesday, 05 April, 2016 | Supplied by: HSI Donesafe

How one piece of software can help you grow your safety consulting business

Keep It Simple Safety is an occupational health and safety consulting business that works with smaller tradespeople businesses up and down the east coast of Australia. Owner Shayne Connolly recently made the decision to move away from paper-based safety and adopt the Donesafe Safety Management software. This one change has allowed him to completely overhaul his entire business model.

Donesafe is jargon-free WHS management software that helps businesses and safety consultants manage their business safely from any device. Shayne Connolly had been looking at the various different options for years until he found Donesafe.

“There was no product that really did exactly what I needed it to. It wasn’t until I found Donesafe that I had a platform that I could deliver cost-effectively and efficiently. There were other platforms, but they were big or costly or clunky. Platforms like this have to be very simple and easy to use… If you can use Facebook, you can use Donesafe.”

One of the issues Connolly faced was that due to the limitations of paper-based management, it was very difficult to manage large numbers of clients at once.

“I actually adjusted my business model for it. Previously, it was only a small number of clients I could service properly on a regular basis with paper-based systems because I couldn’t manage their needs easily. Whereas [with Donesafe], I actually haven’t reached my cap so I don’t know what my maximum amount of work I can handle is.”

Perhaps one of the biggest changes was simply offering a more full-time, well-rounded service.

“With paper-based systems you just don’t know on day to day whether your client is being compliant. Often you’ll actually need to go out and physically inspect the premises to know. With Donesafe though, I can see at any time.”

For his clients, Connolly has seen huge improvements.

“The fact that the product can be scaled from corporate level to as little as a three-man operation without any real loss of function is almost unheard of. I’d looked at other platforms and unless you paid big dollars you don’t get any of the really substantial features. You just get a glorified document management platform, whereas Donesafe gives you more than what most companies need.”

Since implementing the Donesafe platform, Connolly has completely changed the business model of Keep it Simple Safety.

“[I used to be] a normal consultant, where you sign up a customer, complete an initial service with them and then they go on the backburner… then you have to go find your next customer. I was always relying on getting new sales. I [now] have a healthy monthly income thanks to Donesafe and how I’ve bundled it with my own packages. It’s really changed my business; I have big plans — put it that way.”

The end result of adopting the Donesafe safety management platform is that Shayne Connolly has been able to expand Keep It Simple Safety well beyond his pre-Donesafe maximum capacity. By gaining a bird’s-eye view of his clients’ safety, he can now offer not only a service that is worth a monthly subscription, but a service that clients want to pay monthly for.

“I used to work on a client-by-client basis. I’d sign a client, spend maybe the next three weeks working solidly on that. Now I manage ongoing something like 20+ clients competently at any given time and I’m constantly in contact with them. I do that quite easily now thanks to Donesafe.”

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