Grate Cleat clip-on nylon insert

Monday, 13 July, 2020 | Supplied by: Grate Cleat Pty Ltd

Grate Cleat clip-on nylon insert

Grate Cleat makes a clip-on nylon insert for open metal grate flooring to reduce pedestrian slips on stairs and walkways that are used extensively in industry. This flooring has been a primary choice when light, air and liquids need to pass through it. But when it is wet or worn those areas can be notoriously slippery for personnel. Trips, slips and falls conservatively make up approx 12%–15% of accidents in industry. To address these problems this International Patent pending non-slip cleat can be installed, clipping in place in seconds creating double row extra traction in the areas that need it.

This eliminates the cost of replacing or repairing the grating in worn areas and greatly reducing the ‘slippery when wet’ problem in others while still allowing light, air and products to pass through it as intended. They are made bright yellow, making stair edges or areas that people need to take care on very noticeable. They are made from a wear-resistant, flame-retardant, UV-stabilised polymer, which is very strong and capable of withstanding a wide range of acids and alkaline, oils and petrol without corrosion or effect.

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