Fast-Act toxic chemical vapour neutralisation dry powder

Wednesday, 30 June, 2010 | Supplied by: Enware Australia Pty Ltd

Fast-Act’s toxic chemical vapour neutralisation dry powder formulation allows first-responders to neutralise toxic chemical vapours. It is suitable for use in laboratory, healthcare, construction, electrical, manufacturing, materials handling, resources, oil and gas, defence and hazmat transport/logistics sectors.

The non-flammable, non-corrosive formulation is claimed to significantly reduce both liquid and vapour hazards resulting from accidents, emergencies and spills. As the dry powder neutralises threats on contact, on-site incident management and clean-up times are reduced.

It is effective for neutralising a wide range of toxic chemicals with the added capability to destroy chemical warfare agents (CWAs). It neutralises and adsorbs acidic and caustic gases as well as oxidisers. It is effective against vapour hazards including anhydrous ammonia, chlorine, ethylene oxide, hydrogen chloride, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, acids, halogenated compounds, phosphorus compounds, acidic and caustic gases, organic compounds and CWAs deployed as either liquid aerosols or vapours.

Handling is safe and simple with easy-to-operate delivery systems that are readily portable and require no premixing. No special training is required and the compact containers facilitate easy storage. The formulation is effective over a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions.

It is a formulation of non-toxic nanocrystalline metal oxides that exhibit high reactivity due to the increased surface area, additional functional groups on the surface, large porosities, small crystallite sizes and altered electronic state.

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