Enware SafeEquip Imbiber environmental spill capture system

Thursday, 18 March, 2010 | Supplied by: Enware Australia Pty Ltd

The Enware SafeEquip Imbiber environmental spill capture system captures spills and won’t release waste into either land or water.

The Imbiber Bead super absorbent polymer system - which will absorb a spill without leaching - is suitable for use in waterways as a protective barrier to prevent leakage from land into water or from water onto land.

The system, effective on hydrocarbons and a wide range of organic chemicals, incorporates a colour indicator that facilitates easy monitoring when it is used as a protection shield in waterways and other areas 24/7.

The colour indicator means users can easily monitor and inspect the Imbiber products in situ in potentially hazardous areas.

Visual indicators within the beads change colour from white to pink to red as hydrocarbons and organic chemicals are absorbed and the beads become fully saturated. Once an organic liquid has been absorbed the beads swell, with packs growing to four or five times the original thickness.

The beads are available in different packs, pillows or powder blends to suit varying applications and can also be incorporated into the trolley-mounted Enware SafeEquip Safety Stations.

The super adsorbent polymer formulation allows a saturated Imbiber Bead pillow to be squeezed and no organic liquid will drip out. Because liquids are fully immobilised, vapour emissions and the associated health risks of explosion and fire are reduced.

An Imbiber bead blanket floating on a tank or pond will remove an oil or solvent layer and will not leach or wash out when the blanket is removed.

Less waste is produced for clean-up because Imbiber Beads are selective, unaffected by water and retain spilled hydrocarbons effectively. Beads mixed with a sand blend are effective for containing and absorbing spills on the ground. The immobilised spillage can simply be swept up.

Online: www.enware.com.au
Phone: 02 8536 4000
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