Important considerations for a lockout tagout system


Tuesday, 23 August, 2022

Important considerations for a lockout tagout system

Lockout tagout (LOTO) is a critical safety procedure used to ensure dangerous machines and energy sources are properly shut off or isolated. It also ensures that they are not able to be restarted until any required maintenance or repair work is completed.

Technology is pushing the world along quickly, and this pace of change should influence how businesses think about LOTO in the workplace. Although many companies are prepared for the ‘now’ and have suitable safety devices and padlocks, fewer companies have considered the future. For example, when a company has additional machinery in another two years, will it still have the same safety systems in place? And will it still be using a paper-based permit-to-work system? Put simply, the future is now — and it is time for all organisations to begin futureproofing their systems.

Electronic permit to work (ePTW) is becoming increasingly popular on Australian worksites. ePTW enables high-quality permits that comply with company procedures. It also provides effective delegation of responsibility, notifications of deviations or exceptions, high visibility of work in progress through up-to-date communication, and a complete and comprehensive audit trail. This leads to improved efficiencies and no more paper shuffling.

RFID tags can work hand in hand with ePTW. Using decodable radio signals, RFID tags can be allocated to individual isolation points in an ePTW system or database, enabling improved accuracy of isolation points and conformity to procedures.

So, here’s the question that organisations need to ask: “Is the company prepared for the future by preparing for the ‘now’?” Efficient, error-proof electronic systems are the way of the world.

“LOTO is an investment in your worker’s safety and your site’s ability to run effectively. It’s important to have the correct equipment available on your site, and true cost savings can quickly be achieved through efficiencies in time and accuracy with a well-planned, scalable, futureproofed ePTW system. Our Safesite Program can assist in achieving industry-leading practice,” said Paul McGregor, National Key Account Manager – Safety & Industrial, Mayo Hardware.

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