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Relius Reports
Tuesday, 01 September, 2020

Relius Reports delivers custom and innovative business intelligence reports. The reports are designed to take the hassle out of the regular WHS outcome reporting. It combines simplicity and clarity with auto-generated narratives in plain English. The outcome is high-impact reports which streamline decision-making for managers and executives.

Reporting on WHS outcomes is a key requirement in all businesses; however, although safety management systems are usually good at collecting data, the reports they generate are not efficient. It’s quite common that ordinary reports are incredibly colourful with too many elements on them that all compete for attention and in the end, leave the audience more perplexed rather than informed. Additionally, significant resource in people’s time is spent each month to re-format data into a usable and polished report. Businesses then spend considerable time on adding analysis of data to enable interpretation for stakeholders. This inefficient process inhibits the organisation’s capability in promoting data-supported decision-making at a larger scale.

Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology allows scaling human expertise in the analysis of data to the next level. It’s a perfect solution for companies that not only need custom reports but also want to promote more data-supported decisions across the organisation. It provides a consistent overview and analysis of data based on built-in rules which makes the drawing of accurate inferences of data more practical.

Like most reporting solutions, the reports are accessible through a Web portal. Once the user changes report parameters like the business stream or the date period or any other parameter they require, report data and the NLG narrative will be updated accordingly. The highly formatted reports can be exported to common formats, and the output will be 100% identical to the report that appears on the screen. It enables users to do further analysis in Excel or add more context to the NLG narratives in Word.

NLG-enabled custom reporting is an enabler of existing technologies. Implementing NLG and custom reporting, in most cases, does not require any changes to the current platforms. Data can come from any databases or safety management system that the organisation already uses. In most organisations, the reporting platform is already available, which eliminates the licensing cost of a third-party product. The solution also ensures the privacy of data as the reports may run on their pre-existing platforms.

NLG implementation is simple, cost-effective and complements existing systems to provide all stakeholders with timely, consistent and impactful reports that bring added value to the reporting process.

Note: Any information or specification provided in this article is indicative only and for general information. The actual implementation may vary depending on the client’s specific requirements and circumstances.

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