Prioritising safety: The importance of employee training in industrial operations

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Saturday, 01 April, 2023

Prioritising safety: The importance of employee training in industrial operations

The industrial sector supports the Australian economy by providing the products and services that form the backbone of modern society. From mining and manufacturing to renewable energy production, we operate a range of advanced technologies and equipment. Consequently, every worker on-site is continually exposed to risks such as equipment failures, accidents and other safety hazards which may cause injury, permanent disability or even death.

Industrial accidents are frequent and companies must take necessary action to prioritize safety in the workplace. One of the most effective ways to minimize this is by properly training employees and implementing protocols for safe work operations for all equipment, processes and pieces of machinery.

For example, training operators to be competent and qualified in hydraulics and Electrotechnology can be considered a priority as these systems are present in almost all industrial operations. Therefore, the risks associated with their operation must be addressed.

Most industrial equipment such as forklifts and excavators are hydraulically powered with high-pressure fluid. The system is inherently dangerous due to its ability to store multiple energy pockets which may cause fluid leaks and explosions if not properly diffused before maintenance is conducted. Similarly, electrotechnology technicians face hazards such as electrical shock and fire in their day-to-day operation. Therefore, an electrician must obtain certification and pass their capstone test to show they have the skills to safely perform tasks such as installing, maintaining and repairing electrical systems.

Who will be responsible for Staff Training?

In recent years, many school-leavers and young people have opted to build their careers in vocational training rather than enrolling for a degree in a university. This results from the aggressive government campaign to address the national skill shortages in the crucial sector. Enrolling in a specialized technical course in TAFE or a training institute provides them with the required qualifications to work in the industry and an opportunity to connect, work and gain relevant industry experience in their chosen sector during their course of study.

The industry should also train and upskill employees as each workplace’s safety requirements differ. The training conducted by the industry will be specific to the duties and job requirements, ensuring that the employees follow the proper safety instructions. Locally, a growing number of companies have been committing to setting up their training centre with appropriate training equipment for in-house training and development of their staff.

What to look for in training aids

Every trainer should prioritize the safety of their students during the training session. Students are inexperienced technicians and are more likely to make mistakes. Therefore, the training equipment used for the demonstration must be entirely safe for everyone to operate. For instance, the demonstrator must not contain accessible moving parts or exposed electrical wires. The equipment must also be designed so students can comfortably work and practice on them.

For trainers, the challenges come in fair assessment and the ease of using them for teaching and demonstration in the learning environment. The system must be able to meet the learning criteria and be able to test for students’ competencies and diagnostic troubleshooting skills. Preferably, the trainer can use the equipment to train and test multiple students with the minimum number of gears.

Electrotechnology Compliance Testing and Assessment Panel

Bestech Australia developed an innovative electrical test board for capstone testing in Electrotechnology. Since 2002, we have supplied technical schools and universities with equipment and demonstrators to train apprentices/future engineers. We have also developed long-term partnerships with instructors and support them in delivering customised systems based on their teaching curriculum.

The new Bestech 710B electrical test panel features a 10-inch controllable touch screen. It can be remotely accessed, allowing teachers to insert faults without needing a PC connected to the board. The faulting scenarios can also be remotely activated via a network using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This setup creates significant time saving, easy access, and allows for different student fault scenarios, which provides fair assessment and better learning experiences.

The fault design is based on the idea that residential wiring installation, maintenance, operation and repair have inherent risks. With that in mind, this electrical test board is designed using extra low voltage. The instructor can be assured that every student undergoes the required practical assessment engagingly and safely.

The 710B panel’s design complies with AS/NZS 3000:2019 and helps with the practical evaluation of a student’s proficiency in the courses. It also complies with UEENEEG105A (to verify the compliance and functionality of low voltage general electrical installations) and UEEEL0039 (Design, Install, and Verify Compliance and Functionality of General Electrical Installations).

This panel provides unmatched repeatability, consistency and fairness in assessing apprentices. For instance, the validated fault sequences can be stored on the system and recalled at the push of a button. If the power supply is interrupted midway through an evaluation, this feature allows the instructors to identify which faults are still active following the next login.

Leak-Proof Hydraulic Training Demonstrator

Hydraulic-related injury is often severe. Therefore, our hydraulic training equipment is designed with safety as the priority. Our MF102 hydraulic training equipment is non-leaking and offers outstanding safety features and micro-leak testing capability. Due to its plug-and-play configuration, students can learn to troubleshoot almost all industrial pumps and valves.

Beginner apprentices and experienced professionals can benefit from using the MF102 for their training. There is a wide range of training modules and curriculum covering the basic hydraulic principle to troubleshoot advanced systems. Instructors also benefit from the ease of operating and cleaning the equipment after each class.

At Bestech Australia, we provide full technical support to assist you in operating and commissioning the equipment. Our experts consist of ex-teaching instructors with extensive experience in teaching and training vocational students.

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