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LinkSafe Pty Ltd

By David Erczmann*
Sunday, 01 September, 2019


Proven online software streamlines contractor management for companies. Customised software for pre-qualification, inductions and site verification modules is improving life and compliance for contractors and clients alike.

Confusion about the responsibilities of the principal contractor and subcontractors on a project can cause contracting firms increased anxiety. The firm may also inadvertently increase its potential liability by getting too involved in contractor information. LinkSafe has led the charge over the past 15 years to streamline, simplify and allow for easy management of contractors through our solution. We also have access to a wide range of expertise to help navigate the WHS/OHS minefield. It’s easy for businesses, all sizes, to manage their contractors through the portal.

Our solution breaks it down into a couple of elements, such as: pre-qualifying of contractors — ensuring all necessary insurances, details are provided for the contracting entity; induction of the contracting firm’s staff — getting them to go through an induction, and potentially site-specific inductions too; ability to capture contractors’ licence/credentials — dependent on their trade types; and authorise their compliance when they arrive on-site to ensure all items that are required from that individual are within date and supplied.

LinkSafe have assisted many companies in different industry sectors achieve excellent results in managing compliance of their contractors. We’re different to other companies. We’ll work closely with you to understand your requirements, tailor a solution that suits, and meet on a regular basis to continually fine tune the solution to ensure it’s running smoothly for internal and external stakeholders alike.

Evidence-based approach

LinkSafe’s evidence-based approach is effective, simple and allows the contractors to answer the questions as they go. The first aspect of LinkSafe’s approach is a highly targeted set of questions. Too many organisations have poorly worded questionnaires for contractors, because they have relied on bad advice. They ask five questions when one will do. This evidence-based approach is a legally informed approach where we work closely with leading consultants within the industry. The aim is to put the onus back on the contractor to confirm they can produce the evidence as required. This allows organisations to: really streamline what they’re collecting; save time, money and resources on administering the pre-qualification process; and ensure compliance across their contractor base.

Streamlined advantage

The streamlined advantage of LinkSafe starts right from the initial invite to the contractor firm, to the induction, and presenting on-site with the induction ID card. Once the contractor is at this stage, all they need to do is scan their induction ID card against the tablet on site, this will automatically check compliance and grant or deny access. If a tablet isn’t available, a QR code can be created. This QR code can be scanned, with the contractor entering their PIN, taking a photo on sign in/out, and all while still checking the same compliance requirements. Time saving is huge, no more sign in/out books. Automatic alerts are sent to hosts on sign in or non-compliance, and at a glance a live site register can be viewed and interrogated.

Case study: volume building

LinkSafe look after many of the volume builders and leading Australian manufacturers. Some larger organisations have come to us in the past that are currently using Excel spreadsheets or calendar notes to manage contractor compliance. Induction records are out of date, and there is no proof of a formal pre-qualification process that has been undertaken. A particular organisation within the volume building industry had come to us, and from our initial meeting we were able to collate all the necessary information and workflows.

Within two weeks, the client was given an initial draft, training overview and run-through. We then piloted the launch with their tier 1 contractors and it proved a success. Over the first 12 months, they pre-qualified in excess of 2500 contracting firms and inducted in excess of 7500 individuals — the result was outstanding and increased compliance across the group. We also provided our open API to the client, which allowed them to link with their accounts system — it meant a PO could not be raised against a non-compliant contractor.

*David Erczmann, General Manager, LinkSafe

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