Manual and automatic resuscitation system
Posted: 21 February 2007  |  Supplied by: Wormald

Manual and automatic resuscitation system

The Sabre Manual and Automatic Resuscitation System (MARS) is a portable manual and automatic resuscitator for professional medical services such as ambulances and emergency rescue teams.

It is suitable for use in any situation where a patient requires resuscitation; for example, patients suffering from smoke inhalation or those requiring CPR.

The system comprises a control module, which allows users to switch between manual and automatic resuscitation modes, and a demand valve that delivers oxygen to the patient's airway. These components combine to provide a variety of features that support both manual and automatic resuscitation modes.

MARS takes away the mouth-to-mouth component of resuscitation by providing 100% oxygen via the demand valve, into the patient's airway (this frees the operator to more closely monitor the patient).

It allows operators to administer specific breathing programs in accordance with each patient's size and oxygen requirements.

Its system sensors detect when a patient resumes breathing on their own and automatically stops the system. Should the patient stop breathing again, the system also senses this and resumes providing oxygen within 4-6 s. If the patient's airway becomes over-pressurised or blocked, an alarm will sound to alert the operator immediately and the excess oxygen will be vented.

With manual and automatic modes, it can be used either on its own to resuscitate breathing or in conjunction with an operator performing CPR.

A version of the MARS (MARS Mining) has been specifically designed for the mining industry. It uses an oxygen regulator that is compatible with the cylinder used by the mine's long duration oxygen breathing apparatus, eliminating the requirement for special resuscitator cylinders. This unit has two therapy flows in addition to the standard manual (CPR) and an adult only automatic setting.

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