Posted: Apr 18, 2007
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VTHC claims AWAs are breaching OHS law

The VTHC is concerned that Australian Workplace Agreements (AWA) are breaching OHS law following statistics that claim 30% of AWAs do not allow workers to have rest breaks during scheduled hours of work.

"This is not only harsh and unfair, it is criminal," Brian Boyd, Secretary of the Victorian Trades Hall Council (VTHC) said.

"Workers are protected by occupational health and safety law. Our Victorian law says that the employer has to provide a safe system of work " and that includes decent rest breaks," Boyd said.

"Employers think they can do what they want under Howard's laws, but they are forgetting that state-based OHS laws still call them to account."

The VTHC comments follow Sydney Morning Herald and The Age statistics collected by the OEA from a sample of 5250 Australian workplace agreements lodged between April and September last year.

Boyd called on WorkSafe Victoria to prosecute any employer found to have taken away this safety condition under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

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